Yo Mama Jokes and No Yo Dad Jokes

Yo mom jokes are not only insult-filled goldmines, but they also have a special meaning. For women, ‘Your Dear Maman’ is a rite of passage. After all, a ‘yo mama joke is the kind of joke a bossy woman would make. But what is it exactly that makes a ‘yo mom’ joke funny?

‘Your Dear Maman’ jokes

‘Your Dear Maman’ jokes can be well-thought-out insults, leaving listeners browless. But what are these jokes really about? How do they work? Let’s explore some of the origins of these classic jokes. Shakespeare was one of the first writers to use the idiom. In the play Timon of Athens, the character implies that his enemy’s Maman is a female dog.

‘Your Dear Dad’ jokes

Fathers appreciate laughs, and dad jokes will make any dad smile. Often, dads are hard to shop for, but this year, celebrate the occasion with a gift that is both humorous and personalized. Fathers always appreciate bourbon and a sumptuous BBQ. Here are a few ideas for Father’s Day gifts that will surely make your dad’s day. This year, Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 20th.

A father in the Alps once told his son before he left for school: “Bison, daddy buffalo.” Similarly, a father who falls through ice gets a popsicle. Another dad joke and tells his son to pack an extra pair of socks. He thought he might need to change into a new pair if he got a hole in one.

Dads do many things. They can teach you to ride a bike, change a tire, or offer a strong shoulder. But perhaps the most extraordinary thing about dads is their sense of humor. Dads are notoriously groan-worthy punners. And while you may not always agree with them, you can’t help but laugh along. In this video, we’ve compiled some classics of dad jokes.

“BTS is unbelievable,” says Jin, a K-pop boy band BTS member. This line is an obvious play on the word bubble, which sounds like a bubble in a Korean accent. However, Jin doesn’t mean this literally. He says that BTS is so unbelievable that they can’t be believed. It’s a funny way to point out the incredibly high quality of the group’s performances.

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Kim Seok-jin

If you love Korean pop music and love to laugh, you’ll appreciate the best dad jokes that BTS members have ever made. BTS is a boy band from South Korea. It was formed in 2010 and debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment. BTS’s songs touch on social commentary and personal experiences, often referring to literature or psychological concepts. Some of their songs feature alternate universe storylines, a bit of humor, and references to psychology.

For some fans, BTS members have an extra-terrifying sense of humor. One of them is Jin. He is a member who is known for his hilarious dad jokes. This is the man known as the sunshine of the group, and he’s one of the group’s oldest members. His stage name, “Suga,” comes from the position of a shooting guard in basketball. Bang decided to give him this nickname because it reflected his “sugary” personality.

In an episode of BTS’ ‘J-Hope,’ the guys played the role of police chiefs, while Jimin played a crook. In another episode, Jin and RM dressed in hooded hoods and filmed a zombie game. The hilarious dad jokes made by BTS members are guaranteed to make fans laugh. And because Jin and RM are also friends, it doesn’t hurt to throw some dad jokes at them if they’re in a good mood.

While BTS members are known for their love for dad jokes, Jin has taken it one step further. BTS’ CEO, Bang Tak-us, initially dubbed the group “Bulletproof Boys” because they were brutal and unapologetic. Interestingly enough, BTS’ first-named member, Rap Monster, is the group’s mom. His love for basketball is well-known, and his father tries to fix broken things.

Despite being a member of a group known for deep and meaningful lyrics, BTS’ V is known for cracking people up with his dry humor. Jin has been a popular icebreaker for BTS despite his seemingly serious demeanor, making him a valuable part of the group. He’s a trendy member amongst fans, and he’s a popular source of entertainment for BTS fans.

Park Jimin

Having grown up in a small Busan village with his mother, Park Jimin soon learns that he is destined to go live with his wealthy father, who is also a noble. As the story unfolds, Jimin gets to explore a new world, one that is filled with the affluence and charm of the nobility. He is fascinated by the world around him and the people he meets.

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It is no secret that Jeongguk was jealous of Park Jimin’s son, who was well-known in the gangsta world as the “Alpha” and “Omega” boss. Park Jimin, meanwhile, was the perfect revenge tool. His dad’s jokes involving Park’s son have been widely received online, and it seems that Park Jimin and his father are very close.

As a result, Park Jimin has been sheltered by his father for 23 years. But when the king decides to give him a chance, Jimin must choose his royal circles wisely. His relationship with the king is not as simple as lust and love. There is a fine line between the two. The king and the commoner have a complicated relationship, and Jimin must choose his circles carefully.

Seokjin’s dad’s jokes are exceptionally humorous. The two brothers have a hilarious episode where they pretend to be millionaires. They play butt-slapping games and impersonate birds. Seokjin also re-enacts classic movie moments by imitating birds, including the one in which they play air hockey with a giant koala. Moreover, in one episode, Jimin’s dad’s jokes make him look like a hooded man.

Park Jimin’s father is not a flawed role model for a gay man. He has been openly honest about his struggles with mental health in the past and hopes to encourage people to open up. Despite being a public figure in South Korea, he has also made many statements supporting the LGBT community. He has even donated to an orphanage in the past. So, what more could a gay man do?


If you’re a fan of BTS, you have to know some of the hilarious dads jokes that members of the boy band have told. BTS’s Suga, for instance, is a rapper who has been known to recite the Bible. Known for his rap skills, Suga has also been known to have a bit of a “sugary” personality. He has joked about joining the group, claiming that he’d been tricked into signing up for the group. He also has been known to talk about his financial problems and how his family reacted when he started singing. He once even cried on stage while performing one of BTS’s songs.

Another BTS member known for his cheesy sense of humor is Jin, a member of the boy group. Like any other boy band member, Jin sometimes makes corny jokes. In one hilarious incident, Jungkook called his food “Chipotle,” and it responded with a funny response. Jin, meanwhile, once remarked to his friend RM that he thought Chipotle meant “chocolate.” The Korean word for “bubble” sounds like “saw,” and Jin’s dad joke was hilarious in the context of a dad joke.

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Jimin is a highly affectionate member, often rushing to the side of a troubled member. When he feels nervous or shy, he will often hit or throw himself on the person next to him. As evidenced by his hilarious dad jokes, he can be quite the prankster when excited. While he’s also self-aware, he puts other people’s comfort before his own.

One of the oldest members of BTS, Jin is also a fan favorite for his dad jokes. He refers to himself as “Worldwide handsome” when his pictures go viral. In addition to his wacky wit, Jin also has an innate ability to cook and cook a mean meal for the BTS members. His food adventures are chronicled in the video “Eat Jin,” which focuses on the eldest member’s dietary escapades.


The oldest member of BTS, Kim Seok-jin, is often referred to as the “Car Door Guy.” In 2015, Jin was photographed getting out of a car at the MelOn Music Awards. The photos went viral among K-pop fans, and viewers were left wondering what the “Car Door Guy” was doing three rows from the left. The following day, Jin released his first solo single, “Abyss.”

This hilarious joke makes a very interesting pun on the word “believe,” which is pronounced like a bubble in a Korean accent. Jin is essentially saying that BTS is unreal. He has a “blood type” that is a little hard to pronounce, so he uses an alternative spelling. The result is a hilarious and witty dad joke.

In the past, BTS fans have been calling for the debut of “Awake,” a sad song that combines orchestral balladry and rhythmic bass. The song has reached number 79 on the Billboard 200, which is no small feat for a boy who just started in the music industry. However, Jin hasn’t given up on his dreams and is currently working on a new song, which he will release in 2017.

Jin’s infectious, positive energy helps the other BTS members feel good despite the career pressures. He is a great motivator and energizer, as members are always looking for him to provide them with energy. In the video below, Suga praises Jin at 5:47, Jin offers shoes to Jungkook for his birthday, and Suga gives him compliments at 5:47. Those are some of the best dad jokes made by BTS members!