by Xavier Chavez

Bully: Hey, youngster! You’re so silly!
Anna: Ok, after that. Well below, allow me clean that bull crap from your mouth!
Bully: Who you assume you talking with? You’re so silly!
Anna: I’m speaking to you! As well as words do not injure me!
Bully: Damn it! Following Victim!
Leah: Hey, people! I’m beginning an afterschool program. Wan na sign up with?
Elegance: Sure, why not? What’s it for?
Leah: For conserving trees and also growing trees.
Elegance: Cool!
Bully: I believe you indicate unsatisfactory! Simply stopped talking!
Leah: We will certainly not be silenced!
Poise: Yeah, trendy tale bully! In what phase, DO YOU SHUT UP! Uggh!
Bully: You much better see your mouth!
Leah: She does not reach stop talking for anything! Particularly except that warm breath of your own! It scents like butt and also feet!
Both: Ha Ha Ha! Words do not injure us!
Bully: Oh, begun! You men are simply event poopers! Unsatisfactory!
Bully: Hey, John! You do not obtain any kind of buddies! And also ha, I can talk even more languages than you! Ha!
John: All you’re proficient in remains in lies as well as bullshit!
Bully: Get out my method! You’re simply an oddball.
John: I am not an oddball. And also your words do not harm me in all!
Bully: Lame! Why is everyone claiming that today! Am I fantasizing? Why aren’t my words harming anyone? It normally does. I do not obtain it, I’m very baffled!
Anna, Grace, Leah, as well as John: Because you are a bully! And also harasses are individuals that intend to bring us down! Yet we enjoy being ourselves since we are various and also distinct!
Anna: That’s why your words do not injure me!
Bully: I’m sorry!
All: Words do not injure me! Words do not injure me! Words do not harm me!

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Apr 21, 2020

by: Deborah

Xavier, I needed to alter among your words as we do not permit swearing on our internet site. However excellent act! Thanks for the entry.

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