Why Do Comedians These Days Make Jokes About Hindu Gods?

Some Indian Muslim stand-up comics are making a mockery of Hindu gods in their routines. Many have raised why comedians attempt to offend Hindus with their satirical quips. Others have pointed to the Sedition Law, which was used to silence critics of Islam. And some have even argued that Islamophobia is driving these comedians to slander Hindus. I’m not arguing that these comedians are wrong or even stupid.

Indian Muslim stand-up comics make jokes about Hindu gods.

After receiving death threats and the cancellation of twelve shows in the past two months, Indian Muslim stand-up comic Munawar Faruqui has withdrawn his comedy act from all stages. The comedian’s stand-up routines typically refer to Hindu deities and painful episodes of India’s history, such as burning of 59 Hindu pilgrims alive in Godhra. Faruqui’s jokes about Hindu deities are deeply offensive to the Bharatiya community and the rest of society.

In recent years, the number of anti-Muslim sentiment has increased, with 64% of Hindus saying that being Hindu is necessary to be “truly Indian.” While tensions between Hindus and Muslims have fluctuated throughout history, the BJP government has exacerbated the issue by restricting the availability of halal food, denying Muslims new citizenship pathways, and banning them from Hindu events. Because of this, hard Muslim comedians in India face an increasingly hostile environment.

The stand-up comic’s arrest was triggered after the incident. A man wearing a white shirt approached Faruqui at a local comedy club, accusing him of insulting Hindu gods and religion. The crowd cheered him off. Ultimately, Faruqui was arrested and charged with defamation but remained free. The incident has also drawn the ire of right-wing Hindu groups in India.

The incidents are a cause for concern for the Muslim community in India. Hindu vigilantes have claimed that Muslim stand-up comics make derogatory jokes about Hindu gods. The comedian, Munawar Faruqui, has been denied bail and held for nearly two weeks. While his arrest was a reaction to a viral video, the comedians’ response is equally edgy.

Earlier this year, an Indore police officer arrested a Muslim stand-up comedian for making “indecent” remarks about Hindu gods and religion. He was accused of insulting Hindu deities, citing an old video as evidence. The arrest was the first step in the Muslim community’s efforts to defend itself against a culture of hate speech. Despite the legal retaliation, the comedian has since been granted bail.

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But not all comedians are innocent. Some have apologized for hurting people’s sentiments and called themselves revolutionaries, and others have apologized. However, the situation has left many people divided. The comedians have withdrawn from Twitter and the Shemaroo Entertainment network despite their apology videos after a police complaint was filed against them. However, many still stand by their beliefs and continue to make jokes.

Sedition law was used to silence critics.

A recent case has highlighted how sedition laws can be misused to shut down critical voices and how one person’s views can be linked to the law. While it is not clear precisely what constitutes sedition, the law is often referred to as a form of sabotage, and the charges often stem from the mere expression of an opinion. The National Human Rights Commission should map the misuse of this law, and the commissioner of police should be held personally responsible.

In June, India’s top court temporarily suspended the colonial-era sedition law. The decision was not enough to overturn the law. Parliament, which has the authority to do so, still has to repeal it. However, the order has allowed hundreds of people imprisoned under the law to be released on bail. The move also prevented the police from bringing new sedition charges against the people.

In some cases, critics of Hindu gods may have been prosecuted under the sedition law. Sedition is the illegal act of inciting or producing public unrest. While there are many cases in which the law has been used to silence critics of Hindu gods, it is unlikely that this was the first case to involve an individual. This case highlights the need for a more flexible approach.

The case of Vinayak Damodar Savarkar illustrates the widespread use of the sedition law. In 1910, a young Indian revolutionary nationalist was arrested in London and extradited to India for trial on charges of sedition. The sedition law continued to have a long life in colonial contexts, with the phrase “sedition” being considered evidence of a conspiracy against the Hindu gods.

In the latest example, a cartoonist was arrested in Tamil Nadu for allegedly defaming the chief minister of the ruling AIADMK party. Another case involving cartoonist Dinkar was filed in 2013.

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The BJP has used the sedition law to suppress critics. This is a growing trend in non-BJP states, undermining the rule of law and independent institutions. As a result, India has become increasingly illiberal. The human rights commission found that the police had killed more than 15 individuals – most of whom were Muslims. However, it is unclear how much of an impact this case will have on the future of the Hindu gods in the country.


While the BJP claims to be protecting the Hindus, its derogatory jokes on the Hindu gods have elicited fierce anger from Hindus. The comedian has also cited the political party’s role in preserving the Hindus’ interests to discredit the backlash against his jokes. But is this Islamophobia or fake farceur, or both? The left ecosystem is currently busy whitewashing faux and pseudo farceur, labeling intolerance in India under the saffron party.

Indian comedians generally refrain from mocking the Abrahamic faiths. However, the Islamophobia-based stereotypes have not been thoroughly repelled. Several comedians from India have gone to great lengths to apologize for their “racist” jokes on Hindu gods during a recent movie premiere. One such comedian, All India Bakchod, has since apologized to the Catholic Church for his jokes during the ‘roast’ of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor in December 2015.

Faruqui has a habit of mocking Hindus and has been arrested by the Indore police for making indecent remarks about Hindu gods. He was arrested, and four other comedians were for his comments, which were perceived as insulting the Hindu gods. The comedian has since apologized and has been granted bail twice. The allegations against him attack the freedom of speech and practice of religion.

The Muslim-American comedian Munawar Faruqui recently posted an Instagram message calling for tolerance and embracing diversity. The comedian has had a tough year. His set was interrupted by Eklavya Singh Gaud, the son of BJP MLA Malini Laxman Singh Gaud. Earlier, the state police said they would not protect Faruqui. The Supreme Court then granted him bail after he was accused of making “indecent” jokes about Hindu gods.

The jokes are not intended to hurt the Hindu religion but rather to mock the Muslim faith. Though fundamentalists may take offense to satire and mockery, they would find it harder to get the state machinery to take offense at such acts. The Hindu gods, however, are not the only victims of Islamophobia. It is possible to find a comedy show where Hindu gods are mocked in your area.

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The comedians’ alleged retaliation for insulting Hindu gods was justified. The group met with Bishop Agnelo Gracias, the Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay. Although the comedians apologized for offending Christian religious sentiments, the local community did not tolerate the incident above. And comedians are hardly blamed for these incidents.

This is a sad reflection on the hypocrisy of stand-up comedians. They claim to be protected by free speech yet ask questions about their hypocrisy and lack of tolerance. One Twitter user even questioned Vir Das for his lack of jokes on other communities. And fellow comedian Kunal Kamra’s Twitter account was shut down after someone pointed out that he was mocking the Muslim community.

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