Why bully when you can have fun instead?

Why bully when you can enjoy rather?

by M

Elizabeth- Bully target
Andrea- School Bully
Belle- Andrea’s close friend and also bully
Eleanor- Elizabeth’s close friend as well as pretend pal of Andrea and also Belle
Mrs Green- Elizabeth’s Mum

(Elizabeth is remaining on a bench consuming her sandwiches when Andrea, Belle and also Eleanor stroll up.)
Andrea: Oy! Fanatic! I desire your food!
Elizabeth: But Andrea …
Belle: Just offer her it, you hideous little pig!
Eleanor: Yeah. Offer her it.
(Elizabeth turn over her lunch box. Andrea looks within.)
Andrea: Ugh, she has marmalade in her sandwiches. Like Paddington! (vocal singing) Elizabeth is a fat hirsute bear!
Belle: Yeah, like, just rats have marmalade in sandwiches.
Eleanor: Yeah, rats.
Andrea: No method am I having this currently! (She acts to be handing it back however drops it eleventh hour and also stamps it.) Ha! Sorry I’m NOT sorry, Freak!
Belle: You’re such a child! (Elizabeth starts to weep and also Andrea draws her skirt up so every person can see her trousers.)
Andrea: C’mon, ladies, allow’s escape! I feel I will quickly be contaminated with her ugliness!
Andrea and also Belle: Hahahahahaha!
Eleanor: Ha.

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(Elizabeth as well as Eleanor are murmuring inside a bathroom workstation.)
Elizabeth: Eleanor, you do not need to participate in if you do not intend to!
Eleanor: But I do! She’ll eliminate me if I inform her that I despised her the whole time!
Andrea: (From outdoors) You recognize Eleanor?
Belle: Yeah?
Andrea: She’s not being really harsh to the Freak today, you recognize …
Belle: Hey, possibly she LIKES the Freak!
Andrea: If she does … I promise I’ll murder her. (They leave.)
Eleanor: You see!
Elizabeth: Yes, I do. Sorry, Eleanor.
Eleanor: It’s great.

(Elizabeth is remained on her bed, weeping.)
Elizabeth: I can not inform anybody or she’ll simply become worse. When she intimidated to take photos of me nude tomorrow … I just wish that also Andrea would certainly assume that was going also much.
Mrs Green: Go to rest currently, Elizabeth!
Elizabeth: Yes, Mum.
Oh well, tomorrow is one more day. (She starts to weep in her rest.)

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