Who is the Best Indian Stand Up Comedian of All Time?

In standup comedy, India has a plethora of talent to choose from. But who is the best Indian standup comedian of all time? Here are a few names to consider: Vir Das, Abhishek Upmanyu, Zakir Khan, and Kanan Gill. You might be surprised at who you find at these open mics. The following list is by no means comprehensive.

Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan is a famous Indian standup comic known as a YouTube sensation. He started by performing in cafes and eventually won standing ovations. Since then, he has appeared on various international platforms and performed in many countries. His “Sakht Launda” standup video went viral, and he has also starred in a news comedy show, “On Air with AIB,” and released two hour-long standup specials.

Growing up in the suburbs of Delhi, Zakir Khan did not have an easy childhood. His parents were homemakers and teachers, and his father was a musician. He grew up with two brothers. Zakir has a special relationship with his father, who encouraged him to pursue his dream. In addition to his dad’s support, he also mentioned the standup comedy legend, Vipul Goyal as one of his inspirations.

A chemical engineering graduate, Zakir Khan speaks on common topics to Indians, such as respecting elders, discrimination, and relationships. He rose to fame in 2012, winning Comedy Central’s ‘India’s Best Stand Up Comedian’ competition. He also began working for the AIB news show. In addition to his standup routines, Khan often shares his thoughts on topics affecting everyday life in India.

Abhishek Upmanyu

Kenny Loggins is one of the most successful standup comedians globally, and the same holds for Abhishek Upmanyu. His sarcastic comments about various aspects of life are amusing and unique. It is no wonder that he has become so popular, as his live shows have received rave reviews. Abhishek Upmanyu is a standup comic currently performing live across India and worldwide.

Originally from Delhi, Upmanyu moved to Mumbai to pursue his passion for standup comedy. He also founded the Twitter handle @GareebGuy. He has millions of followers on YouTube, 1.3 million Instagram followers, and 3.9 million YouTube subscribers. He is considered one of the best standup comedians in the country, and his wit and sharp wit have won him awards in various comedy competitions.

The best Indian standup comedians are not necessarily born in India. Many comedians make the most of their native language, but Abhishek Upmanyu is undoubtedly the best. Born in 1990, Upmanyu has become one of the most popular comedians in India. With his incredibly talented comedy and hilarious content, Abhishek Upmanyu is an icon in the comedy world.

Kanan Gill

While most of his comedy specials have featured a sense of tension, Kanan Gill’s show is entirely different. The first episode starts with him calling up his parents to ask for permission to crack jokes. This was followed by an hour-long segment on the Internet in which Kanan reads out his letter and asks his future self whether he is lamer than his present self. The show is hilarious, and the audience laughs throughout.

In 2017, he launched his Stand Up Special, “Keep It Real,” on Amazon Prime Video. The hour-long unique covers various subjects like politics and Bollywood. He also squints and laughs at complex issues such as the Constitution of India. His standup special, ‘Yours Sincerely,’ will be released on Netflix in 2020. Kanan Gill’s standup videos have received critical acclaim, among his other accomplishments.

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While most comedians try to avoid controversy, Kanan Gill is a popular choice. He has a YouTube channel with over 464k subscribers, over 201k Instagram followers, and 617k followers on Twitter. His YouTube videos and standup specials have gained immense popularity, and critics have praised his comedy routines as “the best Indian standup comedian ever.”

Vir Das

The bold and witty character of Vir Das has enchanted audiences worldwide. He has performed on six continents and sold-out runs in Australia, London’s Soho Theatre, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and Montreal’s Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. He has also appeared on numerous television shows, including Conan’s late-night talk show. His standup routines are a perfect blend of humor and poignant insight.

Vir Das’s hilarious standup routines have won him acclaim in India and abroad. He recently performed at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington DC. His Netflix comedy special “I come from two Indias” has been nominated for an International Emmy Award in 2021. However, the controversy surrounding his recent Two-Indias monologue has left critics fuming, while others applauded him for his bravery.

While many Indians are shocked by Vir Das’s controversy, others are not so quick to judge him. Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut called Das’ routine soft terrorism’ for mocking PM Modi. Other prominent voices applauded Das’ standup routine, including Congress MP Shashi Tharoor. Mahua Moitra praised his courage and honesty in calling out the ‘two Indias.’


Sundeep Rao is a partially-blind standup comic from India. He uses a walking stick to get around and says that they automatically assume that he has a leg problem when people see him. His quick wit and humor have earned him the “best Indian standup comedian” title. It is not just his standup skills that make him a great comedian; he has the same ability to inspire and motivate others.

Sundeep has been performing standup comedy for over three decades. He has also collaborated with several Indian comedians. He has had his standup comedy performances in Bollywood and the U.S. His comedy videos have over 20 million views and three million subscribers. He also has an established channel on YouTube, which has over 3 million subscribers. The following are some of his best standup videos.

Sundeep has also appeared in many films and television series. In 2009, he won the Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe competition with co-star Krishna Abhishek. He has also starred in the “Humorously Yours” web series produced by The Viral Fever. He has been on stage since he was eight years old. Sundeep has a loyal fan base on Youtube.

Munawar Faruqui

The world is talking about the best Indian standup comedian, and the debate is getting even hotter. While Munawar Faruqui is an accomplished standup comedian, his controversial statements about Gujarat have caused controversy. His performance at the Good Shepherd Auditorium in Bengaluru was canceled for starters. Faruqui has since apologized and is now performing at other venues across India.

The police have accused Faruqui of insulting Hindu gods and harassing his audience. The son of a prominent local BJP politician filed the complaint against Faruqui, alleging that Faruqui was making indecent remarks to a Muslim audience. He has also been accused of insulting BJP Home Minister Amit Shah. The police have not provided any evidence to support the complaint.

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The attack on Munawar Faruqui attacks his freedom of speech and his right to practice his profession. The attackers also aimed to silence his followers by threatening to kill them. But Faruqui was granted interim bail by the Supreme Court on January 25. He later received a notice from the Madhya Pradesh government asking for his release. The court also put on hold a warrant issued in Uttar Pradesh. Despite the comedian’s pleas, the court ruled that the charges were vague and did not follow procedure.

Rahul Dua

Among the top comics of India, Rahul Dua is considered the best of the new generation. His standup shows are popular on YouTube, and his videos have gone viral. Aside from standup, Dua is also an actor and content creator. Here’s why he’s the best. Listed below are why Rahul Dua is the best Indian standup comedian.

Before he started performing standup comedy, Rahul Dua went to Thapar University, Patiala, where he earned a B.Tech degree in Electronics. Later, he joined a top B-school, the Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi, to specialize in Marketing and Finance. He also scored 99.4 percentile in the CAT exam, an entry requirement for an MBA. His high academic achievement helped him get accepted at Delhi’s Faculty of Management Studies.

Rahul spent his weekends at comedy clubs and open mics during his teenage years. His funny jokes were a reflection of his financial situation. He has performed at Open Mics and other shows across Delhi and Gurgaon. He has even won awards and prizes for his comedy. In 2016, Rahul was named NDTV’s Rising Star in Comedy. He is a highly talented comedian who continues to grow.

An African American performed the first standup comedy act in vaudeville in the 19th century. Charley Case delivered a series of monologues in front of an audience, telling anecdotes and stories from his life. Even today, standup comedy is a popular form of entertainment. Late-night television hosts typically begin their night with a standup set. In addition, new comics may decide to relocate to the standup mecca, where the comedy above was born.

Lessons from Oliver Double’s career as a standup comedian

There are several lessons from Oliver Double’s illustrious career as a standup comic. The author studied drama and comedy and is a senior lecturer at the University of Kent, UK. Oliver Double has written several books on notable performances, including Stand-Up! On Being a Comedian and Britain Had Talent. Double also has performed regularly on the U.K. comedy circuit.

For one thing, standup comedy is a hard gig, and a teacher must be able to hold back their comic self. Teaching standup is a contradiction, and most comedians would say that teaching it is a death sentence. But it’s essential to keep in mind that standup is a skill that can be learned and that teaching it can help people develop transferable skills.

For another lesson, a successful comedian should always have a child’s perspective. Despite the pressures of the entertainment industry, comedians should approach life with a childlike sense of humor and try to find moments to crack a joke. This will ensure that they have a good time, so it’s essential to seek out opportunities to laugh. If you can’t find a good joke, try to smile and relax. Things will turn out fine.

Developing a comic persona

If you’re new to standup comedy, you might not know how to develop a persona. The Director’s Guide to Standup Comedy offers a chapter on persona and is worth checking out. Creating a persona is an integral part of standup comedy and can make or break your career. In this article, we’ll cover the role of a comic persona in standup comedy.

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To develop a successful standup comedy career, you must create a recognizable comic persona. Developing a comic persona is crucial to becoming a successful comedian, but it can take years to build. Comics’ on-stage persona can often be a pale imitation of their actual personalities. The trick makes audiences think they’re getting the real McCoy from you instead of a pale copy of yourself.

There are many ways to develop a comic persona. For example, you could choose to be a sage or a sensualist. You can use the opposite combination of archetypes to build a unique comic persona. A persona should be one that you can quickly adapt to any situation. You may also consider combining two archetypes into a composite persona.

Creating a comic persona requires you to develop appropriate content for your audience. The subject matter, tone, politics, language, and style of the material must be suitable for the audience. This is particularly important when you’re aiming to become a household name. If your comic persona is not relevant to your audience, it’s unlikely to gain the attention of any audience.

Finding inspiration in other people’s truths

One of the best ways to find material for your standup comedy routines is to look at your own life. What has been difficult or bothersome for you? You may be surprised to find out that you share a common experience with others. You can use that as a starting point for a joke. If you want to write something funny, think about what has been the most traumatic event in your life or the most annoying environment. Most often, comedy is constructed from the worst shit.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your jokes, you can look around at other comedians and see where they found their most hilarious stories. Some comics are more successful than others. Stephen K Amos is an example. He regularly sells out comedy clubs and has a successful BBC radio show. Standup comedy can lift the mood of those who are suffering. Although it’s difficult to quantify the impact of standup comedy on society, it is undeniably an art form.

Staying present on stage

Keeping your audience’s attention on stage is vital to reducing stage fright and increasing your passion for the material. Your brain is designed to focus on one thing at a time, so concentrating on your audience will help you forget yourself and sink into the moment. Not only will your audience feel your concentration, but so will your fellow performers. Here are some tips to help you stay present on stage:

Pay structures

While most comedians make their money headlining clubs outside of Los Angeles or playing showcases, it is difficult to break into the lucrative television industry. Even though it is the ultimate pay structure for standup comedians, it can take years to make a living on the road. The most prestigious T.V. specials, like Comedy Central, pay up to $15,000 for a half-hour special, but this can take years to build. Conversely, relative unknowns can do quite well in the right field. One example of such an artist is the Australian comedian Buzz Sutherland, who earns more money from the college circuit than his T.V. credits.

In contrast to other professions, standup comedians typically earn between $50 and $100 per show, although they can earn as much as $200 for a single display. Headliner comedians can make anywhere from $100 to $200 per show, depending on their experience and level of recognition. Depending on the stage, the number of plays a comedian performs, and where he performs, he can command a higher fee.

Although many comics make a full-time living through their performances, it can be challenging to earn a full-time living from standup comedy alone, especially if you have a family. Some areas have a shortage of pay gigs, while others are overly saturated with comedians. Those who are not making enough money might be too old or in the wrong demographic, have the wrong age for the show, or might not be able to get the fame they crave.

While many established comedians are not paid much for their live sets in Los Angeles, many comedy venues offer complimentary beer, free food, and a relaxed atmosphere. Moreover, unlike the T.V. world, the live gig environment in a town is relatively low-stakes and offers a high level of creativity. There are few censorships or gatekeeping in the city, making it easier for standup comedy to flourish.