Who in the Stray Kids is the Funniest?

If you are a fan of the group, you’ve probably wondered, “Who in the Stray Kids is the funniest?” Fans have pointed out a few members who are very annoying to them. Lee Minho, Hyunjin, Changbin, and Jinkyu are all very funny, but one seems to be irritating more than the others: Changbin! Changbin’s comedy will leave you rolling on the floor laughing, whether you love or hate him.

Lee Minho

Lee Minho is the funniest member of “Stray Kids,” a rock group from South Korea. The funny member is not the only highlight of the group, but also its most famous member. His personality and humor have won over fans and critics alike. During the show’s last episode, Lee Minho made viewers laugh with his unique sarcasm. The funniest member of the group, Lee Minho, has a heart of gold.

Born in Gimpo, South Korea, Lee Know graduated from Gimpo Jeil Technical High School and has been training as a back dancer for BTS for one year. He can also dance with his eyebrows. Aside from singing and dancing, Lee Know loves reading novels and is a massive fan of Keigo Higashino. In addition to Stray Kids, Lee Know has released solo albums, ranging from rap songs to romance stories.

The group is also prevalent in Korea. They have multiple members who play Lee Minho. Lee Know is known for his sarcastic and mean words. His funny personality is the main reason he was eliminated from the show. In response, Lee Minho sent a video message to the other group members and is widely recognized as the funniest member of the Stray Kids.

Lee Minho is also the cleanest member of Stray Kids. He loves to write diaries, listen to music, and eat. His favorite color is red, and he loves emojis. Minho has three cats named Sooni, Doongi, and Dori. Minho was eliminated from Stray Kids in episode 4 but was added back to the cast in episode nine. He has also been a part of the Idol Dictation Contest, a spin-off of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday” show.

In a recent PeopleTV interview with Lee Minho, the Stray Kids revealed some of their secrets about the group. He is the funniest member of the group and is known for his witty and playful personality. Lee Minho is also one of the group’s most entertaining members, even though he is the oldest member. Besides being the funniest member, Hyunjin is the most lovable. Hyunjin is a fan of horror movies and is very familiar with the genre. Hyunjin wants to be an interior designer and also teaches dance.

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During ODDINARY’s menpa, Hyunjin of STAY was the most flirtatious member. When a fan requested a kiss, Hyunjin replied in all capital letters. Fans called Hyunjin a cheater, and the STAY fandom united in calling him out. Some fans joked about selling Hyujin photocards.

Despite being the youngest member of the group, Hyunjin of Stray Kids is still the funniest member. When the allegations first surfaced, an anonymous poster accused Hyunjin of abusing children in middle school. When this happened, the Stray Kids agency investigated to determine the truth behind the allegations. JYP Entertainment interviewed the anonymous poster and some of Hyunjin’s former teachers and classmates. The agency suspended Hyunjin from working indefinitely after hearing the claims. The agency has asked fans to stop spreading rumors about Hyunjin.

While fans were swooned by Hyunjin’s flaming red hair, other fans were equally thrilled about his sexy looks. His taste in accessories complemented his sexy outfits. He wore bubblegum pink heart-shaped goggles, which are a bold fashion statement. On the other hand, Felix wore a gem-encrusted evil eye finger glove. Fans also said they’d love to see Hyunjin change his hair color soon.

The Stray Kids’ popularity increased in a short period. Their energetic performances earned them a large following. The members created various songs, and the group has received acclaim from fans for their work. Hyunjin of Stray Kids is the funniest singer in the group, and many netizens agree with this opinion. The singer is also known for her sexy personality.


Seungmin of Stray Kids is known for roasting the group. He recently performed a duet with Seventeen and answered questions about who he finds the funniest among the members. Seungmin has also proven his sharp wit in other interviews. In one recent interview, he said, “Bang Chan. I’m the eldest member of Stray Kids!”

Another reason Changbin of Stray Kids is considered the funniest is his wordplay ability. Changbin often slips double meanings into his lyrics. His wordplay also extends to his everyday life. In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, he explained why he wore a beanie and not a bandana, saying he chose a beanie because it matches his nickname.

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Born in 1999, Changbin of Stray Kids is the funkiest member. He is the sub-vocalist and rapper of the group and likes to sleep on Hyunjin’s bed. He also likes to travel, and once he had a room of his own, he found a room where he could play with his friends. He is an avid fan of IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon and has become friends with Wooyoung of ATEEZ.

Despite being the tallest member of the group, Changbin is not the only one to make fun of his height. Changbin’s friendship with Yeonjun has led to a close relationship. The two have even been featured in an ATEEZ magazine for their close friendship. The two MCs are known for their company and have been in the spotlight.

Changbin WEREIT

The group’s comedian Seungmin sneers at the fans as the band members share a dance video called “MANIAC.” In the dance video, the members channel their inner zombies by repeatedly pretending to bite each other and taking on a powerful choreography. Changbin is mainly committed to the zombie concept, jokingly terrorizing his bandmates.

The Stray Kids have several members, so it’s not always easy to rank them in order of their comedy skills. Fans are free to vote for their favorite member or give underrated members a chance. Fortunately, the show’s fans are free to make their voices heard through their votes! You can also cast your vote for your favorite member by answering a couple of questions about each member.

The members of Stray Kids are Bang Chan, Lee, and Changbin WEREIT. Bang Chan was born in Australia and is fluent in English. He is the group’s unofficial translator for foreign press interviews. He’s one of the busiest members and one of the funniest. The trio has acquired eighty-three new outlets since its debut in 2011.

The group is widely known for its aggressive beats and ferocious rap lines. Their songs and videos display their artistic talent. They have also worked with other groups in the industry before forming Stray Kids. Their in-house production team, 3RACHA, is also responsible for Stray Kids’ music. It has a knack for keeping listeners guessing by surprising them with its songs.

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The group has won a variety of awards. They won the Mnet reality show Road to Kingdom. After winning the first competition, the group promised to star in a Mnet reality series and cover various genres. Among the Stray Kids members, Changbin WEREIT is the funniest. If you love to read fan reactions, you can read the StrayKSubs’ articles to see the latest news on the Stray Kids.

The shortest member of the group is Bang Chan. However, the three members are related by age. Changbin is the lead singer and has 106 writing credits. He has also been a member of TXT and has been a new MC on Inkigayo. Yeonjun and Changbin became friends after they went to their first show together. While he didn’t mention it, Changbin’s first show was the same night as Yeonjun’s.

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Worst/funniest thing they’ve ever asked a teacher?

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