Who Are the Funniest Stand Up Comedians Who Don’t Curse?

We’ve all heard the jokes, but who are the funniest standup comedians that don’t curse? Here are four standup comedians we think are funny but don’t swear about: Henry Cho, Jim Gaffigan, and Brad Stine. We’re not saying that these people are perfect, but they’re a cut above the rest! These standup comedians use various funny, sometimes edgy, swear words and many other swear words.


Anjelah Johnson is a T.V. personality and comedian who has become an internet sensation. The comedian started out doing improv comedy shows in high school but has released her third standup special on Netflix. She didn’t have to learn to use foul language and has become one of the funniest standup comedians who doesn’t curse. Her standup routine has become extremely popular, and she’s surpassed 1.5 million hits!

Henry Cho

If you want to laugh and not curse, consider Henry Cho. Cho, 49, is a full-blooded Korean-American from Knoxville, Tenn., but he grew up in the United States and is a member of the Funny Bone comedy club in Birmingham, Ala. His material focuses on family and is delivered in a non-cursing manner.

He grew up in the South and had a southern drawl. His comedy reflects his own childhood experiences, and he’s found success by telling the stories of his parents. His shows range from Las Vegas to Nashville and Tulsa, where he performs regularly. Unlike other comedians, Cho insists on keeping his act clean, even though his accent is a Southern one.

While many people associate standup comedy with vulgar language and sexual humor, some comedians use minor offensive language to appeal to a broader audience. Some go clean for religious reasons, others do it for their sleep, while some do it for various reasons. While some comedians swear to keep the audience laughing, others do so for multiple reasons. Jenna Kim Jones says she avoids cursing to get a good night’s sleep. Henry Cho, for example, took some advice from Jerry Seinfeld and removed swearing from his act after being asked to perform a religious show.

Jim Gaffigan

If you’re wondering how to make a funny standup routine without swearing, you’re in luck! Jim Gaffigan is a New York Times best-selling author and Grammy-nominated comedian. While he doesn’t always use swear words, his style is clean and observational. He says that he doesn’t use profanity or curse words because his subject matter lends itself to clean comedy.

As a child, Jim Gaffigan grew up in Chesterton, Ind., where his father was a small-town banker who programmed his sons to work in the field of finance. However, he always had an affinity for comedy and began moonlighting in nightclubs to make money. After a year or two, he became comfortable on stage and gained confidence.

The comic has been married to actress Jeannie Gaffigan since 2003. Together, they have seven children. The couple lives in a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. Since the move, they have been maintaining bedtime rituals. He has also been nominated for two Grammy Awards, which are given to artists who have achieved a certain level of fame. Look no further if you’re looking for a funny standup comedian without cursing.

Brad Stine

If you’re a fan of standup comedy, you probably know about Brad Stine, the utterly unique comic from Tennessee. Unlike many other comedians, he does not curse, get drunk on stage, or attack decent people. His material also doesn’t involve sexual humor, which is common among comedians today. His approach to comedy is one that EVERYONE can enjoy, even kids.

Despite his conservative views and Christian background, Stine’s humor never fails to get the crowd in stitches. His standup shows often include songs by different artists, and he’s also known for his observational comedy. He is known for spitting the truth and common sense and even saying things most people would rather not say. Although some of his themes may be familiar to you, he manages to take a fresh take on them.

His parents divorced when he was eight years old. He later remarried. He lived with his father, who quit his auto body business to travel. After a few years, he was back in business. By age 13, he began practicing magic tricks and sideshow stunts. His comedy skills developed from there. And he continued to perform his act on television.

George Carlin

While some people don’t like to see a comedian swear, some enjoy the sight and sound of other people cursing and spitting in the audience. George Carlin, for example, opened his act with the word “fuck,” which gave it flash and power. The term also defines the comedian as a social satirist since the words can convey true feelings.

Although his standup routine is not entirely free of vulgarity, his satire of current events has become a topic on Twitter. Among other issues, he’s tackled the current political situation, addressing many of today’s thorny issues. The Oklahoma G.O.P. has passed laws that would ban abortion on the first day of pregnancy, forcing a raped woman to carry her baby to term, and prohibiting certain books and subjects in school.

Though George Carlin is no longer alive, he is remembered for his outstanding work. His ‘Seven Words You Can’t Say on T.V. routine garnered much attention and was eventually preserved as a culturally significant recording by the Library of Congress. Today, his comedy routines still resonate with many audiences, and his material is more relevant than ever. However, there are still those who will take his jokes the wrong way and ruin his reputation.

George Carlin’s “fuck” opening line

George Carlin was a legendary standup comedian, social critic, and master of black comedy during his lifetime. He admired the work of Danny Kaye and later joined the U.S. Air Force, where he became a court-martial on more than one occasion. Carlin was caught napping during a combat training drill in one episode, and he was arrested for his infamous dirty words.

The classic fuck-out is an iconic opening line of standup comedy, and it demonstrates the power of George Carlin’s “fuck” quip. In the film, Carlin’s opening line is a recurring theme throughout the entire movie. “Fuck, fuck,” as the comedian commonly refers to it, is the most straightforward yet most memorable line he delivered in his career.

Carlin has repeatedly attacked the pussification of American males and women and was also highly critical of how babies are often carried. His “fuck” opening line prompted a Supreme Court ruling declaring him a “significant social satirist.”

George Carlin’s “fuck” closing line

Known as “the world’s greatest comedian,” Carlin’s ‘fuck’ closing line is one of the most memorable lines in standup history. His “fuck” closes several acclaimed comedies, from The Soup Nazi to The Great Dictator. In each, Carlin finds an underappreciated truth that we’ve largely forgotten. Carlin’s ‘fuck’ has since become one of his most famous catchphrases.

Known for his dark humor and reflections on taboo subjects, the “dean of counterculture comedians” made a name in the 1970s. His ‘fuck’ closing line made him a global icon. It was also pivotal in a 1978 Supreme Court case, F.C.C.C.C. v. Pacifica Foundation, which affirmed the government’s power to censor indecent content.

The ‘fuck’ closing line of George Carlin’s career has remained a controversial topic for decades. While some fans prefer the earlier Carlin material, many other Carlin enthusiasts love the astringent satire of the last skits. But one thing is sure: Carlin had a unique style that would not have been considered funny if he had not emphasized this trait.

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