What Makes a Joke Funny?

Several factors make jokes funny. These factors include structure, pacing, context, and double meanings. Here are some examples. Once you’ve understood these factors, you can begin experimenting with your jokes. Here are some examples:


Good jokes follow a formula or structure. Jokes must follow this formula or system to be effective. The best jokes often involve an element of surprise. They lead the audience into false assumptions and then shatter them. This element of surprise is critical to the comedy business. Here are 13 known joke structures to follow:

Most jokes consist of a setup and a punchline. The design is the first part of the story and builds anticipation for the punchline. The punchline is the last part of the story and is usually one word or two. It’s the delivery of the punchline that affects the audience’s reaction. A good joke is unpredictable, subverting the audience’s expectations to achieve laughter. A punchline is the last word in a joke.

Mentalizing competence limits our appreciation of verbal humor. The more complex a joke is, the more mindstates it requires to resolve. Mentalizing demands also restrict the complexity of a joke. If a joke contains excessively complex mentalizing needs, the audience will have difficulty processing it. This makes it difficult to trigger laughter. Luckily, most comedians follow the advice to limit the complexity of their jokes.


A funny joke is not just a punchline. It is a setup for the punchline and is delivered in a way that builds laughter and keeps the audience loose and ready to laugh at the following line. The following are several examples of how pacing makes a joke funny. When writing your parodies, keeping these tips in mind is crucial to their success. Here are four tips to make your jokes more enjoyable.

– Good timing: A great comic has excellent comedic timing. He uses his pacing to add to the punchline and turn an ordinary joke into comedy gold. The comedic genius Jack Benny famously waited for beats in his routine and looked directly at the audience while delivering his jokes. His comic timing was so perfect that he could make the audience laugh without saying a word. A comedian must have a good sense of timing and body language.


There’s a lot of power in a good joke, but when do you know when to use one? According to Peter McGraw, director of the Humor Research Lab, the context of a joke determines its effect. For example, a joke about falling can win you many friends at a wedding but might lose you a few at a funeral. So McGraw and his team have studied the line between what is appropriate and what isn’t.

Double meanings

What makes a joke funny? The answer may surprise you! You’ve probably wondered why people laugh at double meanings. The following article will discuss how double meanings can make a joke funny. And why you should try one yourself. Listed below are several ways to make a joke funny. You’ll also discover some surprising facts about humor. Read on to learn more! Double meanings are fun!

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The term “double entendre” comes from an outdated French expression. Its origins are likely traced to the Italian word punctilio. This type of humor involves two meanings, one sexual and one humorous. While double entendre may seem complex, it’s pretty easy to make it funny! Double entendres can be found in many types of literature, from novels to movies.


Humor has a unique power to counteract negative feelings. It releases dopamine and other chemicals that make us feel better, boosting our motivation to achieve our goals. It also helps ease tensions, giving us greater control of our problems. Here are a few examples of why humor is so valuable. All of them can benefit your life! And remember, motivation makes a joke funny for everyone! Read on to learn more about its potential to boost your motivation!

A motivational posed dad joke is a classic example. A parent can use it to enlighten their teenage child about his dad’s motivation. If he or she wants to make their son or daughter laugh, tell motivational dad jokes! These can be funny and clean. So, don’t worry about driving ahead and wasting time on useless conversation topics. Motivational humorists like Meg Soper share their tips and insights on how to laugh at life’s stressors.

Which movie contains the best adult joke? My picks are Justice League, Shrek 2, Cars, and Inside Out. Here are some others. And if I didn’t mention one, let’s talk about a few. And don’t forget to share with the community! We love hearing from you! Let us know what you think of these movies! You can also leave a comment to share more examples of films with adult jokes.

Justice League

There’s nothing quite like an adult joke in a movie made for kids. If you have ever watched a DC animated movie, you know that adult jokes are often. Justice League Unlimited, the new film in the DC animated universe, has a series of deliberately adult jokes. We see the team of superheroes face high-stress situations and men in spandex.

The biggest adult joke in a movie made for kids is in a scene where Farquad sets up to jerk it to a magic mirror. Similarly, the location where Mulan’s Mushu panics when she sees Mulan skinny-dips in the mirror is a great adult joke. Justice League Adventures: Trapped in Time is another excellent example. Though it starred Tom Hanks and a less likable cast, the film was still an entertaining watch.

The question and Huntress were also notable couples in Justice League Unlimited. They were both pursuing their father’s killer, and their relationship developed. The question is beautiful to Huntress, who is notorious for making sexual innuendo in almost every scene. The movie also has several other funny adult jokes, which can be found throughout the movie. You can also find some good comic book jokes in this film.

Another funny joke in Justice League comes from The Flash. The Flash has a lot of comic relief, and he has had some uncomfortable moments. Hawkgirl introduced The Flash in the first cartoon and then laughed at him, saying he might not get dates. The Flash realizes this and gets upset. If this happens again, it could signify that something is seriously wrong.

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Inside Out

The first adult joke in Inside Out is a great one. The film depicts memories as marbles. The phrase “losing your marbles” refers to losing a memory. This metaphor is not new for Pixar; the film features references to other films, such as Toy Story. Joy spends most of the movie defending Riley’s marbles, all in her hands. In reality, memories are just bits of memory tinged with other emotions.

The film is filled with metaphors relatable to adults and children, even those with specialized experiences. Its most memorable example is the TripleDent gum commercial that keeps re-running at inappropriate times. The message of the commercial is simple but highly memorable. The annoying jingles that accompany it are particularly impressive. The film ends with an empowering message for kids and a powerful way to encourage them to be more responsible and respectful.

The best adult joke in a movie made for kids is the one that helps the audience understand how contradictory emotions work in harmony. A film like Inside Out is packed with kid humor that is easy to understand and can be easily explained to a small child. The film has a great theme of overcoming depression and moving forward with life. It also features five different emotions Riley experiences daily, such as love, anger, sadness, and joy.

There are many classic and modern children’s movies that feature adult jokes. Even live-action favorites like Shrek and Mrs. Doubtfire have their fair share of humorous references. Many adults will find them amusing and insightful. If you’re unsure how to spot them, try looking for them in your favorite movies. It may surprise you. You never know when a film made for children will drop an adult joke!

Shrek 2

The sequel to Shrek is as entertaining as its predecessor. Continuing from the original, this sequel expands the original story and includes references to other fairy tales and pop culture. The main idea of accepting what is in front of us is developed, and a more adult joke is added, making this the perfect sequel to a happily ever after. But what is the best adult joke in Shrek 2? Read on to find out!

“Shrek 2” is chock-full of movie parodies, in-jokes, and cultural references. We tried to track them all down and have made a preliminary list. We’ve broken the list into categories, and it should make spotting a gag a little easier! Scroll down to find the best adult joke in Shrek 2! If we missed something, leave a comment or share your favorite one!

The film uses a cliche from shampoo commercials, with Fiona and Shrek running through a field of flowers. Similar scenes featured angry mobs chasing models. Another memorable scene is when Pinocchio pulls a Tom Cruise stunt by lowering himself from above. Based on the 1960s television series, it’s a great reference to popular culture. But the best adult joke is still the one that’s funny to adults.

Another adult joke in Shrek 2 is Puss’s cartoon character in Boots’ thong. The cartoon character is modeled after Paul Klee’s paintings of waif-like children with sad eyes. And the thing is made of pink, so the movie’s thong is a must-have for any Disney fan. It’s a classic example of how to make a joke, adult!

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The “Best Adult Joke in a Movie Made For Children” is in the film “Cars,” when the protagonist, Lightning McQueen, goes on a road trip and sees an old, broken-down car. When the old bus wakes up, he tells the other vehicle to “blink slower.” While there is no human presence in this movie, it’s clear that cars believe in a higher power.

“Cars” has several examples of this. The car characters don’t seem to be children, and no one mentions parents or families in the film. This is an important fact, as no car has a childhood. But what makes this movie so hilarious? Its references to “undercarriages” and the speedway world are not lost on adults. Instead, they stand out like a sore thumb on a windy day.

While the film isn’t the best Pixar film, it certainly has its merits. The film contains the fastest dirty joke in Pixar movies. It occurs in the scene where Lightning McQueen meets the press after a race. Two other cars drive by and flash their headlights at him, making him amused. The car’s headlights can also be equivalent to flashing boobs to a sexy babe.

Another car movie has an adult joke in it. The trolls in “Frozen” sing a song about Kristoff, the smelly reindeer. Another car movie joke is when Mater, the driver, spits oil after drinking a cup. Lightning McQueen asks him, “What’s in his cup?”


While kiddie movies are generally safe, some are still offensive to the grownups in the audience. Hollywood filmmakers have a way of slipping in adult jokes and references that make them a tad risque. These include drug references, sex jokes, and nip-slips. Here are a few examples of hidden adult jokes in kiddie movies.

The live-action Scooby-Doo film from 2002 was particularly raunchy and probably not safe for young kids. In a scene in which Shaggy meets a beautiful woman, played by Isla Fisher, Shaggy greets her with “Mary Jane.” Then, he utters the word “pothead” and exclaims, as if she was his favorite name!

Perhaps the best example of an adult joke in a kiddie movie is “Twilight” by Pixar. In this film, three protagonists try to kill the titular house. As they do, they start drawing parallels between the anatomy of the house and human anatomy. Jenny, for example, notes that the chandelier near the entrance is the house’s uvula. The professor misunderstands her statement, but the joke is still hilarious.

Another example is “Robots,” an animated movie about a robot couple who make a baby. The film’s writers cleverly sneaked about erectile dysfunction in the film, which was made clear to the adults in the audience. The movie is also surprisingly clever and creative. Whether it’s the best adult joke in a kiddie movie or not, it’s an excellent way to make kids laugh.

One of the best examples of humor in a kids’ movie is in the classic “Shrek” franchise. This movie is packed with suggestive humor, including a parody of the Cops movie. In one scene, the knight steals a bag of catnip from Puss in Boots, which was meant to represent a potent illegal substance.