What is Your Favorite Ricky Gervais Joke?

Which of these Ricky Gervais jokes will always stay in our minds? We look at him ‘I told you so’ stunt, ‘bath selfies,’ and ‘Schindler’s List’ punchline to answer this question. And, of course, there’s no shortage of Ricky Gervais snark. What is your favorite joke by Ricky Gervais?

Ricky Gervais’ ‘I told you so’ joke

Ricky Gervais has become a familiar face when it comes to stand-up comedy. His stand-up specials often poke fun at the world’s problems and bring controversy. During his most recent special, Ricky Gervais mocked transgender women and the debate surrounding bathroom access. In one sketch, he calls the cancel-culture ‘virtue-signaling,’ though he does support transgender rights in real life. However, this special was met with some backlash online. Gervais’ remarks were unpopular, but Netflix itself also received a backlash. Critics have reacted to Gervais’ comments by calling him an out-of-touch comedian.

One audience member laughed when Gervais mentioned rape during a recent episode of SuperNature. Unlike many of his previous ‘I told you so’ jokes, this one has been considered controversial. While it’s unclear why Gervais is taking the backlash so seriously, it is essential to note that he has a thin skin for jokes about trans people.

But it has been hard to make fun of such a controversial topic. The British comedian’s latest ‘I told you so’ joke dragged out racist Sinophobic stereotypes and mocked the trans community, making him the subject of numerous ‘I told you so’ jokes. In this interview, he said he wouldn’t want to have a baby Hitler. Later, he held a poll asking fans if they would prefer Hitler or him as a father. This poll resulted in a massive backlash against Gervais, but his message is clear: he has a point.

Some critics have challenged the idea that a comedian’s jokes are not an expression of his feelings. In addition, some people view fiction through an ethical lens. This was the case when Ricky Gervais’ character, a drug dealer, encouraged a fellow drug dealer to take his own life. But Gervais’s ‘I told you so’ joke remained hilarious in the end.

While there are many examples of how to deal with transphobia, one that he telegraphed during his SiriusXM appearance last week was a fierce one. While Gervais’ ‘I told you so’ joke has been widely ridiculed and mocked by critics, it hasn’t stopped Netflix from doubling down on “edgy” comedians.

His ‘Schindler’s List’ punchline

The HFPA has called ‘The Martian’ a comedy. The HFPA has decided that ‘The Martian’ is more entertaining than ‘Pixels’ and ‘Schindler’s List.’ Given that they are all about Holocaust denial, it still seems like the HFPA should have considered ‘Schindler’s List in its category. After all, Ricky Gervais is funny, even though he is not a Holocaust survivor.

However, both Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are Jews should give us pause. While it is nice to see these actors interacting on a larger scale, we should remember that this movie also contains some disturbing scenes. It also has a lot of adult material, including locations too violent for children. Unfortunately, Ricky Gervais’s ‘Schindler’s List’ punchline has an ironic ending, but it’s not surprising given its premise.

In addition to being inappropriate and offensive, the ‘Schindler’s List’ joke also insulted Sean Penn and NBC. It also aimed at the HFPA, NBC, Caitlyn Jenner, and the HFPA’s sponsoring body. In short, he called the Golden Globes’ audience “sexual deviant scum.”

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The ‘Schindler’s List’ comedy special was a success despite controversies. While it didn’t hit the high standards set by the Golden Globes, it remains genuinely funny and a good way for Netflix to support top talent. It comes just in time for Pride month, too. So check out the ‘Schindler’s List’ comedy special on Netflix today!

His ‘bath selfies’

While many people enjoy his on-screen antics, not everyone will appreciate his ‘bath selfies.’ However, the British comedian’s social media accounts have a quirky sense of humor. One such example is a photo of him in the tub, posing shirtless with a ‘bath selfie’ caption. Gervais shows off his beard and unflattering face in one of these photos.

In the same vein, Gervais’ best joke is his satirical take on the controversy surrounding transgender bathrooms. The satire revolves around the fear and panic caused by the idea of a unisex bathroom. Using this controversy, Gervais mocks trans people and those who defend them. However, the controversy surrounding Gervais’ ‘bath selfies’ is not limited to his bathroom.

While at the Golden Globes, Gervais introduced the night’s show, describing Charlie Sheen’s misadventures in a hotel room. The HFPA then denied his claim. However, he did go ahead and announce his third hosting gig. Ahead of the awards ceremony, the comedian’s hilarious “bath selfies” joke was the most popular and most popular.

While the controversy surrounding Ricky Gervais’ latest Netflix show has caused much backlash, it is not the only funny thing he said on social media. The comedian has even slammed transgender people and criticized them. Another comedian was accused of transphobic jokes, and an attack on his stage ensued. So, what’s his best mark?

His ‘I told you so’ joke

The ‘I told you so’ joke has triggered many reactions when discussing the Chinese community. For example, one critic suggested that Gervais’s joke was racially insensitive. But Gervais responded that he only takes the stance that makes his jokes funnier. And the comedian said he tries to do it without prejudice. Despite the backlash, some fans still find Gervais’s jokes funny.

The backlash over Gervais’s ‘I told ya so’ joke has been swift, drawing criticism from various circles. While he defended his decision to poke fun at taboo topics, there are some instances where intelligent people get offended when they misjudge a joke’s target with the target. Regardless of the situation, he has been criticized by various organizations and celebrities for his comments, including GLAAD.

The new Netflix stand-up special by Ricky Gervais was aired just months after a Dave Chappelle special that drew backlash because of transphobic jokes. In the days since hundreds of Netflix employees staged a walkout over the controversial special. Anti-trans jokes aren’t funny, and they’re ugly. And it’s time to stand up against them.

On last week’s SiriusXM show, Ricky Gervais telegraphed potential adverse reactions to the Netflix show SuperNature. He was responding to a question from co-host Sam Roberts. His joke reportedly makes it appear that the show’s producers couldn’t find the “right” material to create it. Meanwhile, the show’s creators are double-doing to appeal to audiences whose prejudices were influenced by Gervais’ jokes.

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In a new Netflix comedy special, Ricky Gervais mocks the trans community and uses the term “TERF” to refer to people who are opposed to transgender people. “TERF” is an acronym for trans-exclusionary radical feminists and is coined by many trans activists to differentiate between trans people and women. Gervais also references the Oscar host, Kevin Hart.

We’ve all seen the funny deadpan faces of a particular celebrity, but how many of those people resemble Mitch Hedberg? Let’s examine the most similar comedians. Here are a few to consider:

Hannibal Burress

The comic talent Hannibal Buress has been compared to Mitch Hedberg. The two men have come up with several funny characters and have acted in several films. In addition to starring on Saturday Night Live, Buress has written comedy specials and starred in popular Comedy Central shows. In addition to his work on TV, Buress has written satires on various topics, including the Bill Cosby scandal, the drug industry, interracial dating, and the movie “Los Enchiladas.”

Buress was born in Chicago, Illinois. His surname is derived from the Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca. He attended a stand-up show at Southern Illinois University when he was a college student. However, he was not satisfied with the show’s format and dropped out. In 2003, he began performing stand-up in Chicago and started to frequent music-oriented open mics.

Buress’ comedic style is similar to that of Mitch Hedberg. In 2010, he hosted the Saturday Night Live sketch show, and Tina Fey hired him to write for 30 Rock. He also acted on the show as a homeless character. In 2010, he recorded his first stand-up comedy album at Chicago’s Lakeshore Theater. It was released on July 27, 2010, by Stand Up! Records. Buress now hosts a free weekly stand-up show at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory.


In many ways, Mabley is a deadpan comedian, just like his idol Mitch Hedberg. He was always entertaining with his one-liners and absurdist observations. Hedberg even died too young from a drug overdose. Hedberg had a lot of fans, including the late-night talk show host David Letterman. Mabley is also the first openly gay comedian who came out as a lesbian in the 1920s. He also had several television appearances, including the Fox series That ’70s Show.

Hedberg’s comedy style was unique and distinctive. Hedberg often hid behind long hair and wore sunglasses but still delivered some of the most memorable lines. His comedic sets lasted for a long time, and they are still considered classics today. Sadly, Hedberg died too young, at the age of 37. But his legacy lives on through Mabley’s work.

Emily Heller

One of the most notable female comics today is Emily Heller, who has a similar style of comedy. Emily Heller has been a guest on Conan, created Above Average’s The Future, and even created a podcast. Her recent appearance on a show called Above Average revealed a few of her funniest moments, including her obsession with happy-sounding breakup songs – which are sad – and how she turned to stand-up comedy. She talked to us about her new show, “Good For Her,” and how she adapted her stand-up act to fit in with her television appearances.

Originally from San Francisco, Heller recently relocated to the New York comedy scene and has found success. Her stand-up comedy has won her numerous awards, and she was named one of the New Faces at the 2012 Montreal Just For Laughs Festival. She has also been called a Comic to Watch by Comedy Central and Variety. Heller is the creator of the above-average sitcom “The Future.” She has also served as a writer for Surviving Jack and Ground Floor shows.

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The late comedian’s legacy lives on as his influence and inspiration continue to inspire new generations of comics. VICE interviewed several of today’s top comedians in honor of his legacy. The documentary also features Eliza Skinner, Hannibal Buress, and Marc Maron’s interviews. Among these comedians is Emily Heller. So, how does Emily Heller compare to Mitch Hedberg?

Patrice O’Neal

Patrice O’Neal is an American comedian who has appeared on many television shows, including HBO and Comedy Central. She has a direct style and doesn’t care who she offends. Her first special aired on Comedy Central in early 2011. After that, she appeared on “Tough Crowd” with Colin Quinn and made an impressive appearance at the Charlie Sheen roast. She commented on Shatner and expressed respect for Charlie Sheen. Unfortunately, her death was sudden and unexpected.

Patrice O’Neal can make you laugh with her quick wit and clever puns. Like Hedberg, she often used a mix of one-liners and puns to mock society. While Mitch Hedberg used to be deadpan, she uses humor to make people laugh with her quick one-liners. He was also addicted to drugs, and his one-liners are not easy to understand.

Patrice O’Neal can draw laughs from her gender identity. She often has open discussions about her period, colonics, and being a “dick widow.” Her friends are primarily gay men. She is a strong advocate for the LGBT community and is a sex-positive feminist. If you’d like to know more about this funny woman, she is worth your time.

George Carlin

One of the most influential comedians of all time, George Carlin was one of the most versatile comedians of his generation. An excellent social commentator, he was also a master of observation, and his command of the English language was legendary. His “seven dirty words” routine even made its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Carlin could be crass one minute and philosophical with a surprisingly versatile repertoire. He had five decades of A-level material to choose from.

He was so talented that people were beginning to compare him to Seinfeld. The acerbic comedian was also a steadfast proponent of the low-key delivery style that made him memorable despite Hedberg’s success. Though he was never a household name, his unique style and distinctive delivery would undoubtedly keep his fans glued to their seats for years to come. His unique style and special delivery made him a legend among comedy fans.

Hedberg wrote jokes with a legal pad and pen, and his delivery was deliberate. He would record his conversations and even videotape a fight between friends. In the video, Hedberg tells the audience to watch the last few minutes for editing purposes. He tells them he wishes he could start over when they are laughing, and this is precisely how he won them over.

Joan Rivers

Mitch Hedberg and Joan Rivers are often compared, but Joan Rivers is a stand-out example of a comic who is not only funny but also an activist for human rights. The two have similar backgrounds and philosophies, but their comic styles are very different. Mitch Hedberg is known for his sarcastic humor, and Joan Rivers is a more straightforward and blunt style.

Both Mitch Hedberg and Joan Rivers had little opportunity to continue their education after high school. While she finished her education at Barnard College, she did not pursue a performing career until thirty-five. After graduating, Rivers worked at a publishing company and threw jokes at the famous actress Elizabeth Taylor when she was letting go. Her autobiography sold half a million copies, and her voice was permanently hoarse due to her constant touring.

In addition to being a stand-up comedian, Hedberg’s comic style is often characterized by observational humor, deadpan delivery, and ridiculous one-liners. In addition to being hilarious on an objective level, Hedberg also had a devoted following of fans. His one-liners are sure to make you laugh. Hedberg died of an accidental drug overdose at the age of 37, but his legacy lives on through his one-liners.