What Comedians Make Other Comics Laugh?

Among the best ways to improve your standup comedy routine is to learn from others’ success. Whether you’re new to the business or a seasoned professional, here are some tips to help you improve your material. The more you practice, the more you’ll improve. Some of the top comedians to watch are David Cross, Hari Kondabolu, Sarah Silverman, and John Heffron.

John Heffron

Comedy is an art, and successful comedians spend years perfecting the craft. John Heffron, co-host of “The Tony Rock Project” on My Network, has a one-hour special on DVD that features his material from his college days to his married life. Heffron is an excellent blend of young charm and cynical wisdom. He has done more for comedy than most other standup comics.

Heffron’s standup routines have gotten him acclaim from his appearances on “Last Comic Standing.” Heffron’s act is clean but contains plenty of topical humor. The topics range from childhood to silly things people do while driving. His act centers on issues that most people can relate to. Heffron’s performance style is charming and endearing, and his humor is highly relatable.

Sarah Silverman

In “Sarah Silverman Makes Other Comics Laugh,” Silverman challenges the stereotypes of black and white people in America. This joke is about her white girlfriend’s chubby chest, making the audience laugh at the stereotype and the woman. The audience laughed both with and at her stereotype, which helped Silverman gain fame. If Sarah Silverman had stuck to clean jokes, she would not have achieved as much fame as she has. Her joke about “chinks” was a subtle dig at race and oversensitivity.

Despite her age, Sarah Silverman’s routine has gotten stale. The comedian has combined anti-depressants with years of therapy to overcome her depression, and she still makes other comedians laugh. Those familiar with her standup routine know that her stories are probably scripted, but she still manages to create funny moments. Still, her lack of transitions makes her specials less enjoyable to watch.

Silverman’s humor has a more profound contradiction. Her humor challenges racial and ethnic stereotypes, despite her whiteness and middle-class status. Her wit challenges the assumptions that many of us hold about black and brown people. She does this through a subtle and critical juxtaposition of stereotypes. As a result, her audience is more sensitive to the dilemmas of people of color in America.

Another reason Sarah Silverman’s show is so good because she relies on her audience to make her jokes. In one episode, she talks about the gestures and actions of audience members as she tells jokes. This is a rare feat for a female comic. It undermines the comedy value of a joke and takes away from the audience’s enthusiasm. The show ends with a robust and one-hour set from Silverman.

David Cross

David Cross has been making other comedians laugh for six years now. But in making other comedians laugh, he has earned a lot of criticism. One of the ways he has done that is by imagining different ways that Donald Trump’s presidency could end. Among these is the possibility of Trump being arrested for treason, dying of a massive heart attack on a golden toilet, and being assassinated by a group of caring nuns.

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Let America Laugh, a documentary film directed by Lance Bangs contains small segments of Cross’ standup routines. It also includes his interaction with tour people. Some parts are even titled after Jack T. Chick tracts, and the film has a few Easter eggs. For example, pressing up on Pilar tells a story will play phone messages. Pressing down will turn David’s glasses black.

Another example of how Cross makes other comedians laugh is his book Hollywood Said No. The book features some never-before-seen scripts. On top of that, Cross and Bob Odenkirk recently embarked on a multi-city tour where they performed standup comedy shows together for the first time. And it doesn’t end there: the two comedians wrote several scripts for the book.

Another way David Cross makes other comedians laugh is his unique brand of dark humor. His dark humor is often offensive but charming, and he also has a hearty backbone. His hilarious satire of politics, celebrities, and everyday people exemplifies this. But the most striking thing about Cross is that he has no limits to what he can do. It’s the fact that he can make other comedians laugh, no matter how cynical they are.

Hari Kondabolu

In addition to being a top standup comedian, Hari Kondabolu is a social activist with a Masters in Human Rights. In addition to performing standup, he has also worked in the immigrants’ rights movement and is an outspoken critic of racism. His political satire often takes on controversial subjects, and he has become a popular guest on NPR shows. His Netflix special, “Warn Your Relatives,” is an excellent example of his unique take on comedy.

The Indian-American comic is well-known for speaking candidly about race and gender issues. His humor cuts right through polite discussions about race, gender, etc. He’s made vital people laugh, including Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O’Brien. He has also written about South Asians winning spelling bees. While some people may view this comedy as taboo, many are surprised by its power to make us laugh.

After seeing Margaret Cho perform standup comedy on Comedy Central, Kondabolu decided to make it his full-time career. Hari Kondabolu’s comedy is not about family but about being an outsider and feeling like an outsider. His political humor challenges traditional beliefs, yet a diverse audience overwhelmingly embraced his standup performances.

In his Netflix special “Warn Your Relatives,” the Indian-American comic mocks tribal justice. He compares hate crimes and terrorism to the original terrorism in the United States. He asks: “If somebody slurped you racially, would you go to jail??” And while his audience may laugh, you’ll also learn something about social justice while having a good laugh.

W.C. Fields

Throughout his career, W.C. Fields has been revered for his ability to capture the frustrations of the commoner and make others laugh. His short temper and outright fakery were often compared to Chaplin and Keaton’s more technical and ambitious work. Still, they resonated with audiences in ways that other comedians could not. Unlike Laurel and Hardy or Archie Bunker, Fields did not dress like a tramp or live in a ghetto. Despite this, his standup routines were often inspired by the struggles of the working class and the poor.

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Although W.C. Fields’ comedic sketches aren’t very original or funny, they make other comedians laugh. His opening sequence lists the various crimes he has committed over the years, and it begins with the messed-up music and picture. However, it is extra enjoyable as a little bit of his history is revealed. Fields’ slapstick humor is a bit dated at this point.

W.C. Fields was one of the first American comedians to break the comedy circuit and become a household name. His quick wit and iconic persona made him one of the most memorable and recognizable actors. Whether you’re a comedy fan or an unappreciative audience member, a W.C. Fields quote is likely to be cherished by many.

Although Fields’ career began in vaudeville, it took time to break through to the big screen. His alcoholism and drinking caused him to suffer from delirium tremens and other serious illnesses. After failing to make his breakthrough in the Ziegfeld Follies, he signed with a burlesque operator in New York for $35 a week. After a couple of years, he became a major star on Broadway, starring in the Broadway musical Poppy (1923). His subsequent stage roles were primarily scoundrels and henpecked everyman characters.

This article will look at five common traits that make a poor standup comic. Some of these traits are Psychotic traits, Distaste for humanity, Lack of improvisational skills, and Lack of confidence. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for standup comedy success. The following tips can help you find your recipe for success. Read on to find out how you can be the best comedian of your generation!

Psychotic traits

It seems as though psychotic traits might make a poor standup comedian. A recent study in the British Journal of Psychiatry found that comedians were more likely to have psychotic characteristics than people who worked in non-artistic jobs. The researchers analyzed five hundred and twenty-three comedians and compared their results to those of healthy individuals. Comics’ traits had higher scores on impulsive non-conformity, depression, and bipolar disorder. The study also looked at comedians’ recurrent attempts to commit suicide.

There are several reasons why comedians are likely to have psychotic traits. First of all, comedians tend to have more negative remarks about themselves than non-psychotic people. The other reason is that comedians tend to have psychotic personalities. So if you think you have the right personality type but the wrong set of traits, you may be a terrible standup comedian. In addition, comedians tend to be highly impulsive.

In the study, researchers examined 523 male and female comedians and compared their scores to the results of a control group of 109 individuals. The results indicated that comics with high psychotic traits had more trouble with creativity than healthy people. However, this study does not directly connect comedy and mental illness. It is unclear whether comedians have psychosis, but it does indicate that they tend to be more introverted and extroverted than non-comedy people.

Researchers say that impulsivity, extroversion, and the ability to experience physical and social pleasure are all common symptoms of psychotic traits. However, the study also suggests that the characteristics do not necessarily indicate that a comedian should not be in the standup business. The researchers say this research is premature and needs further study before publication. So, what are the traits of a lousy standup comedian?

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Regardless of the comedy style, psychopaths often display narcissistic, antisocial, and self-defeating behavior. Their behaviors have been associated with their upbringing and lack of parental affection. Psychopaths are at a greater risk of violence and self-harm than normal individuals. However, some individuals may be able to reduce their risk of becoming a psychopath if they seek the appropriate treatment.

Distaste for humanity

It is commonly believed that comedy is an outlet for transgressive material, but is there such a thing? Derek and Clive, fictional characters created by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in the ’70s, were a great example of this phenomenon. The duo’s modus operandi was to push the filthiest premise to its comedic extremes. Their best material centered on their relish for the squalid absurdity of the human body.

Lack of improvisational skills

There is a general misconception that the lack of improvisational skills is the biggest reason why most standup comics fail. This is not the case. Without these skills, standup comics will never be able to fully utilize their talent and reach the audience’s emotional response. Improvisational comedy is an art form and is not limited to any specific genre. Improv can create a variety of different scenes and entire plays.

Improvisation is a method practiced by several people, including some famous standup comedians. Improv techniques have been used by The Second City for more than 60 years and have helped train such notables as Bill Murray, Amy Poehler, Jordan Peele, and Joan Rivers. Improv training has become an integral part of the healthcare industry, and there are even modules for healthcare workers to learn how to improvise.

One of the essential principles of standup comedy is the ability to engage an audience in honest dialogue based on personal experience. Having the knowledge to draw from is an excellent springboard for discussing complex issues. Improvisational comedy techniques such as rhetorical devices and inauthentic performance strategies can lead to embarrassing moments and low ratings. A standup workshop is essential, as it can develop a student’s skills and help him become a better comic.

Many standup comedians fail to get the laughs they desire. In creating improv shows, many performers are forced to make mistakes. These mistakes can have disastrous consequences. Improv comedy is an art form centered on self-indulgence and self-expression. Without this, the audience will be able to laugh along, but the comedian will struggle to connect with the audience.

Lack of self-confidence

Whether it’s performing for a crowd or standing on stage in front of a group of people, a lack of self-confidence can be a debilitating obstacle. People who lack self-confidence often find it challenging to come up with jokes that resonate with their audiences. Whether they fear public speaking or are overly shy, the key to a successful comedy career is self-confidence.

Whether it’s a crowded room or a squeaky microphone, a standup comedian must have self-confidence. Without this, they won’t be able to deliver their best work. They also must block out the negative thoughts that can undermine their confidence and make them perform poorly. The last thing that a standup comedian needs is self-doubt!

Often, new comedians mistake the spontaneity of professional standup comics for their own. The result is a less-than-ideal environment for laughter. Lack of preparation on stage can lead to a lack of confidence. Confidence is a learned behavior and is acquired through repeated positive experiences. Without confidence, a standup comic will never be able to produce the big laughs that they crave.

There are other causes of insecurity, and comedy is no exception. Lack of self-confidence affects both physical and mental health. When a comedian is nervous, they may feel a sense of defeat and insecurity. During a successful set, these feelings are often expressed through humor. The motivation for this may be simple human recognition and laughter. However, it does hurt the artistry of the comedian.

One of the main reasons that a standup comedian is self-conscious is because their parents place a lot of responsibility on their children. Many of these future comedians had to take care of their siblings when they were young. Many had to work as teenagers to help support their families. These demands pushed comedians to become “good” kids to gain approval from their parents.