What Are Some Jokes For An ESTP?

There are plenty of jokes for INTPs, ESTPs, and ENTPs. If you want to laugh at something funny, consider an ESTP or ENTP character or a Superjail! Character. The humor should be appropriate for the person’s personality type. And if you’re looking for some ENTP or INTP jokes, try this list!


When chatting with an ESTP, you should know a few things before trying to crack a joke. First, ESTPs are known for being outgoing and playful. They often appear rude to other people, but they’re enjoyable and entertaining. They love the physical aspect of life and will often enjoy interacting with others through their senses. Lastly, ESTPs often have a great sense of humor.

As with all personality types, ESTPs enjoy silly but catchy jokes. They also find several internet memes funny. This type of humor loves to make people laugh, so try to find a funny photo and share it with others. ESTPs are not particularly sensitive to other people’s moods, so they’ll love a little silliness thrown into their conversation.

ESTPs value freedom and spontaneity. They tend to break the rules and go on spontaneous adventures. They don’t care about the consequences of their actions, so they’re likely to make mistakes. While they’re very easygoing, they’re also prone to wandering away from conversations and activities that bore them. It’s easy to spot an ESTP personality type by taking a personality test and getting their insights on what makes them tick.

ESTPs tend to adapt their jokes to the circumstances and audience. They love being the center of attention and enjoy making others laugh. Because of this, they tend to make light of serious topics and shy away from emotionally charged subjects. However, you can still try to crack a few jokes with them if you’re close to them. If you’re unsure how to make a joke, it’s probably better to ask them before starting.


If you’re wondering what jokes an INTP will like, try telling them some dark ones. INTPs like dark humor, but they don’t want to offend others. They enjoy the irony and intelligent humor of others. Make sure you avoid the obvious jokes, though. They’ll likely find them boring or offensive. The same goes for witty comments, and they also appreciate a good pun.

An INTP may not understand what others believe so they might enjoy a humorous spoof about this. The satire that they’d love would involve poking holes in an illogical idea. In addition, an INTP will hate someone who holds a very rigid belief that contradicts their values. Ultimately, the joke will work because an INTP is a hilarious person.

An INTP can be incredibly funny about just about anything. The INTJ can be like a Monty Python! His humor comes from his innermost feelings, so he is prone to making people laugh. His wit is often black and crude. In short, he is a Monty Python and can crack a joke about anything.

A great way to learn about the inner workings of an ISTP is to watch a funny TV show with a character with the ISTP personality type. It will give you insight into their mind. For instance, if you watch Psych, you’ll love Shawn Spencer. He’s the one who tries to be theatrical for fun. Similarly, the MCU has Tony Stark.

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If you’re looking for a way to make your INTP laugh, you’ve come to the right place. This type of personality enjoys sarcasm and dark humor. While they can be severe and dry in their delivery, they’re pretty witty in their own right. Here are some jokes for INTPs. Try them out and see which ones go over your INTP’s head.

Many INTP jokes are sure to make INTPs laugh. Some of the best ones are those that make them feel happy and content. Some are even intended for their partners. Regardless of how you think, make sure that you remember that INTPs love humor and new experiences. By keeping these in mind, you can make your INTP laugh. Once you know what to say, you can share it with your INTP friends!

While INTPs are good at finding the correct answer, they can be intimidating to others because they tend to think logically. They’re also very detailed, so they theorize even in casual conversation. This means that they’re also likely to be stubborn. And since their minds are so meticulous, they’re likely to be very analytical. They love to explore ideas and have a lot of theories.

Architect jokes

Architect jokes are a great way to crack up an INTP. Despite their often-serious personalities, INTPs have a great sense of humor and can often find a way to relate to their friends’ stories. Here are some ideas to help you make your INTP friends laugh:

INTPs are known for their dark sense of humor. They tend to notice things that other people take for granted, such as social norms and figures of speech. They can make fun of them, which helps them break through the facade that makes them seem serious. They are the best at using humor to make people laugh. Listed below are some of our favorite INTP jokes. Ensure you read the full text to have the appropriate attribution for your joke.

Rational philosopher jokes

Laughing can be a great way to promote rationality. Laughing relieves stress, which can highly damage an individual’s health. Fear and anger, both of which cause several physiological changes, are the primary causes of stress. Earlier mammals underwent these changes to energize them for physical danger and fight. These effects were carried over into early humans, and they continue to be a significant cause of stress today.

While it’s not entirely clear whether Kant’s argument was correct, the logic of humor is not wholly based on fallacies. Jokes can also be offensive, as many philosophers believe. Humor is a subgenre of the creative arts and can be a source of sex and racial stereotypes. Philosophers have long been intrigued by jokes because of their similarities to dreams. For example, Wilhelm Fleiss complained to Freud that his plans were full of jokes. Freud observed the meanings of jokes as fallacious reasoning.

If you’ve ever met an INFJ, you know that they love to point out absurdities and weird situations, which they consider hilarious. They also enjoy making illogical arguments, so you can expect that their humor is often cocky and unaffected by outrageous conditions. This makes them seem unappealing, and it can even make them appear cocky. Listed below are some INFJ jokes that only an INFJ would understand.

INFJ humor is non-trendy

INFJs are considered social chameleons, and their humor is often regarded as non-trendy. The INFJ is not afraid to put people in their place, whether through sarcasm or wit. INFJs are not afraid to take people’s personal opinions to the next level. It’s their non-trendy nature that makes INFJ humor so unique.

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INFJ humor is often self-deprecating and aimed at entertaining others. INFJs dig deep and use humor to express their feelings. At times, their mood can be dark and pointed. However, this is not a sign of weakness. If you’ve met an INFJ who enjoys this type of humor, you can be sure that you’ll love it! INFJ humor is not trendy, but it’s not aimed at being funny, either.

INFJs are notoriously difficult to type. They blend into their surroundings and are therefore very difficult to spot. Their auxiliary function of Fe is the chameleon function. This chameleon quality is similar to that of object-oriented Pisces. They may seem friendly and outgoing to those around them, but their soulmate-oriented nature will quickly bury them. INFJs may seem inaccessible to their partners or appear distant even if they’re physically present.

Another trait of INFJs is their ability to read others. They are intuitive empaths who understand what’s left unsaid. They can also pick up on subtle nonverbal cues and notice discrepancies between what they say and how they feel. Interestingly, this can confuse non-trendy people, especially when avoiding being stereotyped. INFJ humor is not for the faint of heart.

It’s geeky

Many INFJs like to laugh, and they can often make others laugh. They enjoy witty, dark humor and observational jokes, but sometimes they can get too serious. INFJs often misunderstand the spirit that others might say to them, so make sure you don’t get offended! Here are some examples of jokes that only an INFJ would understand!

The INFJs also appreciate puns. Puns are a great way to make people laugh, but they can be cringeworthy to others. While INFJs enjoy bantering, they also understand the deeper meaning behind dad jokes and other oddities. If you’d like to share funny quotes, tag your INFJ.

INFJs often hide their true nature. They are not outwardly self-conscious and don’t like the attention of others. They’re more likely to show their true character in pivotal situations, where their behavior or opinions will make a significant impact. A good INFJ will avoid putting himself forward for praise but instead seek to pass on his wisdom.

INTJs are often the hermit or the remote philosopher. They tend to be solitary and prefer solitude over social contact. They may even go so far as to torture their pawns to get to a better position. An excellent example of an INFJ is the character of Mr. Miyagi in the anime “Silver Assassin.”

It’s complex

INFJs are prone to random tears. Sometimes, these tears will appear out of nowhere, or they may even occur during a child’s show. No matter what the cause, it is impossible to prevent this. It is also challenging to deal with practical issues, and INFJs have trouble answering questions like “What’s the point of this?”

The underlying theme of INFJ humor is that the person being mocked is, in fact, in a highly emotional state. They find comfort in laughter and sharing it with others. Sometimes, however, they will choose dark comedy, but they always hope that they don’t offend anyone. If you’re looking for an INFJ joke, here are some great options:

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As an INFJ, you may have difficulty picking out an INFJ from a crowd. These people tend to blend in, trying to fit in and blend in. But INFJs are often the silent rebels who work to change the status quo. When you’re around an INFJ, you’ll find them engaging in creative activities and relating to other people deeper.

It’s shrewd

You’ve come to the right place when you’re looking for an INFJ joke. The following list of INFJ jokes will help you determine whether your friend’s INFJ quip is appropriate. INFJ jokes are often self-deprecating, which can be charming and makes you seem laidback. Here are some of my personal favorites:

INFJ enjoy a good joke with a point, but they’ll also dress it up elegantly to make a point. Despite their intelligent sense of humor, INFJs don’t like to offend anyone. The following list of INFJ jokes is likely to make your next conversation with an INFJ more enjoyable:

It’s personal

INFJs enjoy personal humor, but it is essential to remember that not everyone will understand it. INFJs are generally reserved and open only to their closest friends. This can lead them to act bumblingly around people they love. However, this can also lead to misunderstandings, and you might even be mistaken for being a total dummy around an INFJ!

As an INFJ, you might find that many INFJ jokes are pretty inappropriate and hurtful. However, they have a unique sense of humor and often find it in unexpected places. INTJs, on the other hand, tend to use their sense of humor for malicious purposes and are often mistaken for being severe. While they might find humor in everything from sports to their favorite band, you’ll find a different kind of humor with an INFJ.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for funny INFJ jokes. Reddit is a community site based on people’s interests. Hundreds of subreddits exist, and INFJ memes are one of them. With over six thousand members as of December 2020, you’re sure to find one that you’ll like. If you’d like to know more about this personality type, you can follow this subreddit and browse through the articles and posts related to your situation.

It’s autobiographical

Many INFJ jokes are autobiographical, but are they funny? In general, yes. The funny side of the INFJ is that they are quick to put people in their place. But it’s not just anyone who has this tendency. You can find INFJ jokes about yourself in countless movies, books, and television shows. Read on to learn more about INFJ humor and how it can help you in your daily life.

Self-deprecating humor is typical among INFJs. These self-deprecating quips can be hilarious, as INFJs enjoy presenting different issues and illogical behaviors. However, their spirit is sometimes dark and pointed. But that’s part of what makes INFJs unique and exciting. They often have a lot to say, using humor to communicate those feelings.

Despite the autobiographical nature of INFJ jokes, the dark side of the INFJ personality can be very powerful. INFJs have difficulty letting others in, so exposing dark side humor can require total trust. Although, it can help INFJ process things and feel less lonely. They might even make jokes about controversial subjects. It doesn’t hurt to poke fun at yourself – even if it’s a joke.