Top Stand-Up Comedians Who Don’t Do Dirty Jokes

We’ve all heard a few examples of standup comedians who aren’t known for dirty jokes. The list may include Dave Attell, Loretta Aiken, and Bob Newhart. But who’s the top dirty-joke-free comedian? Read on to find out! And remember, not everyone who is a star is a dirty-joke-averse performer!

Bob Saget

Some comedians are notorious for using foul language, including sexy and crude jokes. For example, Larry Saget won several awards for his dirty tricks, which included references to pedophilia, diarrhea, and fistfights. In addition, he made an award-winning song, “Make ‘Em Laugh,” while jogging up a wall like Fred Astaire. While his jokes may not be as offensive as those of his contemporaries, they still make people laugh.

In 2008, Saget passed away. Although he had a long career on television, he was perhaps best known as a kind and gentle dad on ABC’s “Full House.” The late comedian also hosted “America’s Funniest Home Videos” from 1989 to 1997. His biting sense of humor helped him earn Grammy Awards for his album. That’s What I’m Talking About.

Despite his unconventional style, Saget has never dipped into the dirty side. He credits his father, Benjamin, for his ‘perverted’ approach to humor. The man who raised him was a Jewish supermarket executive and a comic genius. In his memoir, “Death and Comedy Are Intimately Related,” Saget discusses his father’s impact on him and his personal growth.

Dave Attell

Some critics question the morality of standup comedians who don’t make dirty jokes, but that doesn’t mean the audience should be spared dirty humor. Some top standup comics like Attell apologize for dirty tricks, while others don’t. Those who disagree with this approach should check their egos at the door.

While the concept of the tortured comedian has been used as an excuse to avoid dirty jokes, it’s worth remembering that many standup comics don’t. Newhart, for example, recorded his first album before even performing his first nightclub show. He later honed his standup skills by recording imaginary conversations with famous people and becoming a straight man in sitcoms. On the other hand, Dave Attell enjoys telling dirty jokes.

Jim Attell spent most of his career in relative obscurity the last decade. He now performs in clubs where college kids yell “Wooo!” and sells out his three-day stand at Caroline’s in September. The crowd adored him, and his “Insomniac” character gave the audience a laugh.

Bob Newhart

If you’re looking for a good laugh, consider watching a Bob Newhart or Don Rickles standup show. The former accountant and comedy institution sounded like he was improvising but was a standup comedian. He shows his signature style in “The Driving Instructor” and uses the “straight person, crazy person” structure.

Loretta Aiken

The first black woman standup comic was Moms Mabley, who paved the way for modern standup comedy. She performed at the Apollo theater in 1930 and the Carnegie Hall in 1962. Aiken was born in Brevard, North Carolina, and grew up in an abusive household. She was forced to give up both her babies when she was thirteen and later made it big in Vaudeville.

Moms Mabley, the character played by Wanda Sykes, is also one of the top comedians who doesn’t make dirty jokes. Loretta Aiken, real name Loretta Mary Aiken, is one of the funniest females. The real Mom was a formerly enslaved person who was raped by an older man when she was eleven. She was then raped by a white sheriff when she was twelve. Loretta’s father was a volunteer fireman, and her mother died in a car accident on Christmas day.

Moms Mabley

In addition to being funny, Moms Mabley is also a great role model for women. Her parents were successful businessmen who also volunteered in the community fire department. At the age of 14, Mabley was raped twice. Out of self-preservation, Mabley developed her comedic instincts. She began performing as a lower-class character, which gave her freedom of expression. Her stage persona included a discombobulated, toothless woman. She claimed that “you ain’t gonna hear nothing on the streets on her Merv Griffin Show.”

Moms Mabley was born in Brevard, North Carolina, as the great-granddaughter of an enslaved person. She was one of 16 children. At age eleven, she was raped by an older black man. Two years later, she was raped by the white town sheriff. Both rapes resulted in pregnancies. Both babies were eventually given away, and Moms Mabley became an iconic performer.

While most top comics don’t make dirty jokes, Jackie Mabley is an excellent example of a great standup comedian. Mabley was the first woman to perform at the Apollo Theater and was the oldest woman to have a song hit the Top 40 Billboard charts. Mabley’s material was not racially specific, and it was surprisingly accessible and relatable. The only difference between Mabley and Hefner was that Mabley had a unique style of delivering her material.

Nate Bargatze

If you’re wondering why top standup comedians don’t tell dirty jokes, consider Nate Bargatze. The New York City-based comic has a Southern drawl and has made appearances on late-night talk shows like Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night with Seth Meyers. Despite his Southern drawl, his clean style of comedy is a favorite of Marc Maron. Bargatze performs his original material in his new Netflix special and has a new album in March. This upcoming show at the Tampa Theatre features Jimmy Fallon, Julian McCullogh, Nick Thune, and others.

Bargatze is a standup comedy superstar. Even though he has no dirty jokes in his act, he’s a true “tell it like it is” guy, poking fun at himself and his life. His humor has earned him two comedy records and a special on HBO. His jokes are so well-crafted and funny that you’ll want to see him perform several times.

After years of performing for a single-digit audience, Bargatze rehearsed his set for a sold-out Las Vegas show. On his way back from the front, he discussed his upcoming sitcom with Netflix. On the taxi ride to the show, he worried about offending someone. Then, he wrote down a list of one or two-word prompts and composed a list of 30 to 40 words. After every performance, he reshuffled his act to keep it fresh and funny.

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