the postbox skit

the postbox spoof

by harold tirade

Freeway upkeep individual 1: Jed
Freeway upkeep individual 2: Carlin
Individual: Raff
Mail carrier: Leighton

The manuscript

Jed as well as Carlin supporting a shrub

Jed: “we require a remedy to every one of these letters being shed in the article”

the postbox skit image 1

Carlin: “I currently have the remedy, fulfill the robo post-box!” (Felix strolls on as the post-box) Jed beginnings checking out the post-box “this post-box scans letters sent out as well as places them right into areas to ensure that the mail carrier can obtain the letters out as well as will certainly recognize where to supply them to today. He likewise can track out letters from spies and also ruin them!”

Jed: exceptional currently fast prior to a person sees us!

Leave hm individuals 1 as well as 2

Raff comes walking on with a heap of letters, as well as places one in the post-box, as he is obtaining one more one it is pressed out. Raff overlooks at the letter in shock as well as selects it up as well as places it in after that reverses to his stack. The letter is pressed out once more. This moment raff kicks the post-box prior to placing the letter in, once more the letter appears. Raff pressures both letters in simultaneously and after that begins leaving. After that eventually the letters appear once more Raff madly hurries in the direction of the letters after that as he is placing the letters in once again Leighton goes along and also utilizes motions to ask what’s up. Raff makes use of crazy motions to inform him and afterwards presses the letters in as well as awaits them ahead back out yet absolutely nothing takes place. Raff leaves while Leighton trembles his head in termination. When Raff is unofficial the letters return out once more as well as Leighton comedians screaming for him while biding. Raff returns and also takes a look at the letters wonderingly. Raff attempts placing the letters in really comfortably however once again they appear once again. As raff is choosing them up Leighton obtains a concept and also creates some covering up tape. Raff takes it from his hands as well as offers the letters to him miming 3-2-1 Leighton rams the letters in and also raff tapes the opening up frantically. Felix’s limbs appear of the post-box.

Felix: well that was respectful, tape me up like you do (strolls off murmuring irritated remarks)

the postbox skit image 2


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