The Crayon Song

The Pastel Tune

by Josephine burke

ANNOUNCER: Hey youngsters!!! Welcome back to the terrific program’s fictional enjoyable discovering stand palooza extravaganza hr! FOR KIDS !!!!!!
* All Crayons But Pink as well as Brown stroll in *
Red Crayon:???????? hey there kids!the shade red as well as i brought my buddies, to educate you regarding them! They’re the shades of all the important things you see … And red is me! The shade of incredible points! Like hearts, and also roses as well as mars, yet most notably … Love, Love, Love, Love, Love! (Blood, Blood, Blood, Blood, Blood)
* All Say Hooray other than Black *
Orange Crayon: Hi I’m orange like mac n’ cheese! Allow’s name various other orange points currently if you please! You obtained pumpkins, and also tigers, and also the desert sands Monarch butterflies(Prescription containers)Are you’re orange good friends. La, la, la, la, la, la … Cheese!(Pills)
* All claim Hooray other than Black *
What are you doing! What i was birthed to do!

The Crayon Song image 1

Yellow Crayon: As you can possibly presume, yellow’s quite enjoyable!(Jaundice!) You can discover it on a bus, or the rays of the sunlight(Jaundice!) If you ask me, yellow’s primary.(Liver failing.) If you like yellow, and also sour,(Jaundice!) after that attempt a lemon! Jaundice!(all shades)DANGIT!
Eco-friendly Crayon: I when at a pest that was the shade environment-friendly, as well as the emergency room claimed p. it was a dangerous point. To make sure that discusses why I regurgitated environment-friendly, as well as inside that eco-friendly was pieces of eco-friendly. I wager you had not desired you provided to Green! Hooray !?
blue pastel Why really did not you alter that? I such as that knowledgeable!
Blue Crayon: The sea is an area where lots of animals live. (headaches )It’s a deep blue sea- and also it will certainly eliminate you to fatality! Specifically if you’re on the titanic. So allow that sink in, word play here meant! * Only eco-friendly states hooray *
Purple pastel: Don’t blow this for us man! Begin! Purple is the shade of several beautiful points! From a lavender-
* Black tazes purple *
* Brown strolls in and also just environment-friendly claims hooray *
Brown Crayon: I think it’s my turn. There are brownish points like dust. I can not bear in mind words, please do not harmed. me …
* Black tazes Brown *
White Crayon: White points consist of,(All damaged bones)And doves as well as paper, (and also rabies foam!) THERE’S IVORY! (Worth a great deal of money.If you wish to get some, after that e-mail mail.)
* Hooray, Hooray *
Black pastel: Black is the shade of vacuum, I feel it in my spirit reason i’m a psychological mess. I- GRRRRRRAAAAAAAAGH!!!
* Purple costs at black and also knocks him out *
Take treatment of the Body!Shove it up a youngsters nose or something!
White pastel: Back to regular! * all state hooray! *
Pink Crayon: I’m the last pastel in package you see, and also the shade that they appointed to me, IS THIS !!!!!! Just think of that for one, minute!
* All pastels leave and also commentator strolls on *
Announcer: Well that was something had not been it! Well, we will certainly see you all following time on the Crayon program, Weekdays on pbs!

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