The Bus Skit

The Bus Spoof

by desire’s Course

Setting: An intermediate school bus flight
Personalities: Tony, Ethan, and also Ava
Aggressors: Tony and also Ava
Target: Ethan
Onlookers: Bus chauffeur, (not scripted)

* Tony rests beside Ethan *

Tony: Hey, Ethan, following time the bus reduces Ava and also I are gon na open up the back entrance and also leap out. You are as well best?

Ethan: No, I do not assume so. I believe I’m simply gon na rest below as well as await my quit.

Ava: C’mon, Ethan. Do not be such a sissy. It is just like a 3 foot decline at 5mph

The Bus Skit image 1

Tony: Yeah do not resemble that.

Ethan: No, no, no, no. I actually do not wish to damage my legs.

* Ava and also Tony approach the rear of the bus leaving Ethan behind *

Ava: Last possibility, Ethan.

Ethan: No, I’m great, many thanks.

* Tony opens up the back entrance and also he as well as Ava leap out leaving Ethan resting alone on the bus *

The Bus Skit image 2

Ethan: Guess I shoulda leapt.

This stands for AVB due to the fact that Ava and also Tony are harassing Ethan right into embarking on the relocating bus. Ethan claims No as well as stands his ground. The assailants are quickly out of the image. Likewise, there is peer stress, spoken intimidation, appetite video games as well as blue coats. Ethan was harassed due to his blue coat with kitties stitched on it.

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