The bully

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The bully

by Sydney

Tessa: Oh, if it isn’t the fat pet cat.

Mindy: Yeah, did you capture any kind of computer mice yet?

Ryan: Guys, simply quit.

Tessa: Ryan, you are such a brat!

Mindy: Yeah.

(Kylie strolls up as well as talks to Tessa as well as Mindy)

Kylie: Guys, simply quit badgering her!

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Tessa: Or what, Kylie?

Mindy: Yeah!

Kylie: Or I will certainly inform Mrs. James!

Tessa(laughs): Well, she can not do anything abou-

(Mrs. James approaches the ladies)

Mrs James: Girls, if you do not quit teasing Ryan, you will certainly need to be put on hold!

Tessa: You’re existing!

Mrs. James: That’s it! Tessa and also Mindy, involved my workplace!

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Tessa: Yes, Mrs. James.

Mindy: Yes, Mrs. James.

(The ladies leave with Mrs. James)

Ryan: Kylie, thanks for withstanding the harasses for me.

Kylie: you’re welcome, Ryan.

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The bully
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