The Bully never wins

The Bully never wins

by Sydney
(Cumberland, Maine)

Principal Lockheart: Sarah and Nicole, do you girls have any idea why you two are in here?
Sarah: Listen, it was Nicole’s fault that Avery got bullied!
Principal Lockheart: Nicole didn’t do it.
Nicole: Well, I was going to do it, but I didn’t because I did not want to be in trouble
Principal Lockheart: Nicole, I’m very proud that you did not get involved in bullying Avery.
and as for you Sarah, You’re getting 2 weeks of in school suspension.
Nicole: I hate to bother you, Principal Lockheart, but I think that’s a good idea for Sarah’s punishment.
Sarah(angrily): Excuse me, Nicole, but I thought true friends had each others backs?!
Nicole: Well, I did agree with Principal Lockheart, you big bully!
Principal Lockheart: Sarah, go straight to detention, right now!”
Sarah: Fine, I’ll go.

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