The bullie

The bullie

by Edgar

Charlie: Comes right into the area and also begins to informs Edwin to provide him his lunch cash.

Edwin: Nah, bruh, I ain’t gon na rise. Quit troubling me.

Charlie: Get up!

* Edwin rises. *

* Edwin Pushes Charlie away. *

Charlie: You wan na go, or what?

Edwin: No I do not desire any type of issues with you.

Miah: * Walks right into the center of both of them *

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Miah: Why are you men dealing with? And also, Charlie, why would certainly you take Edwin’s cash? Why do not you bring your very own cash?

Alexis: Yea, she’s appropriate. It’s far better to bring their very own cash and also prevent all these troubles.

Alexis: Miah is right. Why not stay clear of troubles by maintaining your hands to on your own?

Charlie: Oh well sorry. I really did not understand that. Currently I recognize that I have actually constantly been injuring Edwin.

Miah: I believe you must ask forgiveness to Edwin.

Alexis: Yeah, what she claimed.

Charlie: Sorry for injuring you Edwin. I will not take your cash any longer and also I’ll pay you back all the cash I swiped from you.

Edwin: It’s Ok. I forgive you. If you desire we can simply ignore this as well as nah you can maintain the cash I do not truly require it.

Edgar: Fighting isn’t the solution to settle troubles. Occasionally it’s far better to chat it out after that to eliminate. Over 4,400 teens devote self-destruction annually from obtaining harassed.

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Dec 08, 2016

by: Deborah

Thanks for your entry, Edgar! And also thanks for sharing the statistics that 4,400 teens dedicate self-destruction yearly from being harassed. That is extremely unfortunate and also I rejoice that individuals are working with making the general public familiar with this issue. Luckily, points do improve as we grow older as well as harasses do not have power over us any longer.

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