Things Comedians Shouldn’t Make Fun Of

A comic has the right to push the boundaries. Comedy is all about shock and shaming – it’s a way to point out that the emperor has no clothes. The audience’s reaction is the ultimate barometer of a comedian’s success. But in making fun of things that are not funny, comedians risk offending their audiences. … Read more

What Are Good Stand-Up Comedy Topics?

Stand-up comedy topics can be about anything. From personal experiences to personal views, your humor is formed by many different factors. The best case for you might be something completely different than someone else’s. Here are a few suggestions to spark your funny bone. They are surefire ways to get audiences laughing and make them … Read more

How to Write a Great Stand-Up Joke

Developing great standup jokes requires you to create a variety of different skills. There is no one-size-fits-all blueprint for success. Nevertheless, there are some fundamentals that you should have in mind. Here are some tips: Writing an excellent standup joke is an art, not a science. The craft of writing an excellent standup joke is … Read more

How Do Comedians Not Crack Up on Stage?

Standup comics often think they can get away with mistakes. The problem is that they forget to be likable, which is key to getting laughs. To get the audience to laugh, you have to discover them and become one with them. Each audience is different, but every audience is your future life partner, so it’s … Read more

Should Stand Up Comedians Wear Fancy Clothes on Stage?

There are various schools of thought regarding whether Stand up comics should wear fancy clothes on stage. It all depends on the type of activities they are performing. A suit or tuxedo can make you appear more polished and believable, whereas a pair of jeans, dress pants or khakis will give you a more laid-back … Read more

Have You Ever Been Shamed by a Comedian at a Comedy Club?

Have you ever been embarrassed by a comedian at a comedy club for an embarrassing moment? The comedians’ right to self-preservation trumps the audience’s right to have a good time. Here are some tips for avoiding awkward moments. Make sure to prevent addressing controversial topics and never use dirty language. Even if the joke is … Read more

How Do I Learn to Write Comedy?

Developing the ability to write funny material can be a daunting task. But before you start writing, you should understand two critical factors. These are the rule of three and observational humor. Knowing both will help you produce comedy material that sounds natural and funny. Then, you can practice these two factors until they become … Read more

How to Write a Stand Up Comedy Script

Developing a standup comedy script is no small feat, but the key is to keep the writing process fun. There are several essential components to consider, such as Characters, Transitions, Closers, and Audio/Visuals. If you can’t come up with a solid script in the first place, you can continually refine it later. The following article … Read more

The Best Path to Success As a Stand-Up Comedian

There are many ways to become a stand-up comedian, including writing a comedy autobiography and performing often. You can also take improv classes to enhance your performance skills. The best path to success as a stand-up comedian is to find what works for you. Listed below are five of them. Follow them, and you’ll soon … Read more

The Funniest Skit Or Standup You’ve Ever Seen

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should check out this standup special from comedian Kevin James, known for his starring role in The King of Queens and other film roles. It has an excellent mix of relatable topics and physical humor. Clean standup comedy is also easy to find with Brian Regan. Regan is … Read more