Talks for Small Children

The 6 recitals listed below are from guide “Recitals, Drills as well as Plays for Children” by Bertha Irene Tobin (Copyright 1921). These are definitely fantastic for children of regarding 3-1/2 to 7 years of ages to execute. Remembering points at this age comes remarkably very easy to kids.

  • A Four Year Old
  • Jim’s Complaint
  • Not All Bad Luck
  • Happy Mister Turkey
  • Rest, Dolly, Sleep
  • The New Car

Talks for Youngsters

This team of talks are from the exact same publication detailed above, however are for older youngsters to do. These are fantastic for tryouts, ability programs, household evenings, homeschool times, or simply for enjoyable.

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  • A Trip in an Automobile
  • Large Brother
  • Pals
  • Getting back at
  • Obtaining Her Lessons
  • Preparing for Thanksgiving
  • My Uncle John!
  • Playing Grandma
  • The Sewing Society
  • The Other Side
  • The Finishing Touches
  • The Skating Contest
  • The Gardens

Talks for Teenagers

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