Is This Some Sort of Peasant Joke?

Is this some peasant joke? Well, let’s find out. First of all, what is a peasant, anyway? I’m talking about the peasant joke first created on February 25, 2016. In it, the peasant mocks Donald Trump for being wealthy and EA for not delivering on its promises. It gained popularity on January 29, 2018, and more than 16,000 points. These days, peasants are commonly used in stories and comments, as they mock various things and people in their daily lives.

a peasant

The first time you hear “A peasant joke,” you might think it’s about an Irish peasant. After all, he grew up knowing potatoes and spent his first twenty years on Earth farming them. A knight then approaches and asks him why he hums “26” to himself. The peasant explains that he has a genie in a bottle, knowing what he wants.

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a peasant joke

A peasant joke is an expression that is commonly used to mock a person. The phrase has been used to mock Donald Trump, who is often seen as rich. It also applies to EA, a game publisher that has failed to deliver on its promises. The peasant joke can be used to respond to stories and comments about life and politics. Here are some examples of how to use it:

a peasant meme

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a peasant’s decapitated head

A tale goes like this: the Irish peasant Kory Andrea had spent his first twenty years on earth farming potatoes. When asked by a knight why he hummed “26”, he responded that he knew what he liked. However, he found a peasant’s decapitated head when the knight bent over the bridge. The peasant kicked over the bridge, and the knight was forced to return to his farm.

a peasant audition

Is this some peasant joke? – A popular meme is based on the question, “Is this some sort of peasant joke?” It first appeared in February 2016 and mocked Donald Trump as a rich person. In response, some players criticized the video game publisher EA for failing to meet their promises. Today, this meme has become extremely popular, and it is often used in responses to jokes, stories, and more.

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