If the Shoe fits Wear It

If the Footwear fits Use It

by Kaitlyn Sjoblom
(Lakeland, Tennessee, United States of America)


If the Shoe fits Wear It image 1

Establishing: An expensive dining establishment
Paul: Happy wedding anniversary sweety!
Julie: Happy wedding anniversary!
Paul: Ya understand, i’ve been assuming a whole lot recently. I indicate we’ve been with each other for 5 years currently, as well as I simply assumed. (Paul proposes)
Julie: (thrilled as well as surprised) * wheeze *
Paul: (Ties footwear) (unwinds down) We ought to take a trip with each other to Hawaii!
Julie: (surprised) Ya, completely
Paul: terrific, i’ll establish it up
Establishing: An enchanting coastline
Paul: I’m so happy we reached be below
Julie: I understand. Me as well. This location is so enchanting
Paul: I understand. That’s why I chose it. (Paul proposes)
Julie: (ecstatic as well as shocked) * wheeze *
Paul: (Ties footwear)It truly is attractive
Julie: (A face of rage)

Setting: A dining establishment in Hawaii
Paul: The food right here is terrific!
Julie: Yup, it’s scrumptious
Paul: (Paul proposes)
Julie: What are you mosting likely to do, link your footwear! I’m bowel movement!
Paul: (Holding a ring box as she leaves) What was that regarding?
End Scene

If the Shoe fits Wear It image 2

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