How Do Comedians Get Their Starts As Comics?

The answer to the question “How do comedians get their start as comics?” depends mainly on a combination of practice, performances, and agents. These four factors are essential to becoming a successful comic. In this article, I’ll highlight the most critical factors and explain how they can help you break into standup comedy. You can become a successful comic in no time by following these steps!


If you want to become a comedian, the first thing you need to do is practice. Perform your comedy set repeatedly until you have mastered it. You’ll need to practice for different audiences to know how other people react to various jokes. The best jokes honor multiple points of view. If your jokes make an entire crowd uncomfortable, it’s probably a dud. To perfect your act, practice with different comedians in a similar position.

If you have a strong personality and natural stage presence, you might want to seek out an agent. An agent can give you access to auditions, performance opportunities, and professional networks. Agents can also help you network with other performers, directors, and producers. You may have to perform for a few people in your first year. Once you get a break and start getting positive feedback, you may want to consider hiring an agent to help you find a better gig.

Before tackling a show, it’s best to get some practice before doing a complete performance. When preparing for a concert, you’ll want to think about how you can make the material as enjoyable as possible. Listen to the audience’s feelings during rehearsals and observe how you work with them. Make sure you take notes. And always remember to keep practicing! You’ll never know when you might be able to nail the set.


Performing comedians get their start by pursuing a variety of other careers. While many successful comedians started as standup comedians, some have since moved on to more established professions. For example, Jerry Seinfeld and Eddie Murphy became comedians after trying various careers. Others, like Hannah Gadsby and Wanda Sykes, stumbled upon comedy through other endeavors. Standup comedians may start performing at clubs in their hometowns or by passing out flyers in Times Square.

The most successful standup comics learn their craft by observing other comedians. They can learn from established comedians by attending comedy clubs and watching standup specials online. Please take note of their delivery style and joke timing when watching standup acts. Please pay attention to how well they relate to their audience and what topics they choose to cover. Performing comedians can be deadpan or manic, depending on their personality.

Performing comedians get their start in New York City. Comedians in New York City may not have been born in the city, but they may have developed their skills in New York after attending comedy clubs. They may even have traveled to New York City and have a standup act there. By studying the material of fellow comedians, they will be better able to choose a suitable material to use.


Getting an agent to represent you is not an automatic process. You will need to do your research first and develop relationships with agents who represent comedians similar to your style. Once you have an agent, you can audition for comedy jobs that pay well. While you can find comedy jobs without an agent, it is better to go through a representative. You’ll have access to many more opportunities, including opening acts and guest spots on television shows.

First, you need to be good. A good comic does not guarantee success, but it is a great way to gain recognition. When you start, most comedians perform for small audiences and eventually move up to larger venues. A lucky few can tour their show and make millions of dollars. But if you’re still looking for a break, there are many other ways to get started.

Agents can also package comics with other talents, including actors and directors, to create a compelling package for producers. Agents often have experience in the business world, which can help negotiate a deal. However, agents cannot guarantee a sale. They’ll only represent comics with a high potential for financial success. Many talented comedians never get represented because they lack a niche, fan base, or traction in the business side of comedy.

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Adaptability is one of the essential elements of a successful comedy career. Comics can adapt to various settings and situations. They understand the importance of authenticity and real-life stories to their audience. In addition, they know how to work under pressure and perform emotionally. Actors should study comedians to develop their skills. Besides, comedians are not confined by the constraints of makeup and wardrobe.


If you’re looking for the quickest way to get into the world of comedy, self-deprecation may be the way. This form of humor is an excellent way to relax your audience and increase appeal. According to Biswa Kalyan Rath, a standup comic, being genuine is the key to comedy. If you can be yourself, the audience will find it much more enjoyable and laugh along with you.

Women’s comedy shows have traditionally leaned towards self-deprecation. Women comedians have an incredibly unique opportunity to subvert social norms. Women often have difficulty challenging stereotypes and addressing complex topics. Self-deprecation is the key to breaking the barriers between comedy and gender. While self-deprecation is typical in female comics, it’s less prevalent in male comedy.

But this isn’t necessarily true. Many comedians use self-deprecation in their standup shows to perform soul-searching. It’s even possible to use humor to voice injustice and marginalization. But it would help if you understood that self-deprecation isn’t the only way to succeed as a comedian. The audience also plays a large part in creating a funny moment.

While some comedians choose not to depreciate themselves, others find it easier to laugh at themselves and pity themselves. Some comedians even try to change their self-perception. The ‘do-over’ concept is common in Australia, making self-deprecation the key to success. However, this self-deprecation can make the audience complicit in the joke.

Learning from fellow performers

Learning from other performers is crucial to success if you’re an aspiring comic. Comedians spend years practicing their material. They also don’t hang all their eggs in one basket. A successful comic will hit two to five shows each night and never get frustrated, even if their act doesn’t work. That way, they will continue writing and performing new material, hoping for the big break.

When starting, try to visit open mics in your city. Watch comedians you enjoy and study their acts. Avoid copying their jokes; instead, try to learn from their style and delivery. If possible, make contact with comedians you admire and ask for their advice on how to improve. You can also visit their websites to watch their shows. Learn from their material and improve yours by using their tricks.

Another way to become a successful comedian is to observe other comics. Observe how they respond to situations. Know what makes people laugh. Also, keep up with the latest news. Many comedians get material from famous people and their lives. If you have the skills and the confidence, you can mimic them or tell your version of the story amusingly. In addition to the writing process, comedians can post jokes on their social media profiles. For example, if you want to perform virtual shows, try using platforms like Twitter, Instagram Live, and TikTok.

When it comes to standup comedy, many people have heard of Louis C.K. and Louis Szekely, but have you heard of these lesser-known performers? You should! You should check out these comedians and many more. But which ones should you watch? Here are some suggestions:

Louis Szekely

If you haven’t heard of Louis Szekely, you are missing out on one of the most talented standup comics today. His career spans three decades and includes writing, acting, and filmmaking. He’s won multiple awards, including a Peabody Award and six Primetime Emmys. Szekely was one of the first standup comics to bypass the traditional distribution channels and sell his shows directly to the audience. While many have been impressed with his material, few know about him.

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In addition to being a fantastic standup comic, Szekely has a rich, complex, and engaging life story. His witty standup shows have earned him many fans. He was once a superstar standup comedian, but he was forced to address sexual misconduct allegations in the New York Times in 2017. The scandal caused his movie to be shelved, and his career took a hit, but his new show came out a month after the accusations surfaced.

He is the best standup comedian most people have ever heard of. His unique style of comedy is unlike any other. He has a knack for saying things that people won’t know. It takes guts to be funny. And he’s one of the few comedians who didn’t rely on the “poop joke” method to make his audience laugh. It’s a shame he’s not better known.

John Hodgman

Despite his highly academic reputation, John Hodgman is a standup comedian most people haven’t heard of. He’s a former comedian who has appeared on shows like Community and Married. However, the standup act most closely associated with his written work is his live show. In the Royal last night, his audience seemed less than ready for his life journey, including a trip from his home state of Massachusetts to Maine.

Although he is most well known for his role in Apple Computer ads and fake trivia books, his career was far from over. He was featured as an anthropomorphized computer in a series of commercials and contributed to The Daily Show. His recurring roles on the show helped him land roles in several television series. He has performed for the president of the United States and has been featured on The Daily Show several times.

His one-person shows have several different facets that make his comic persona unique. The first chapter of his book “700 Hobo Names” is a densely hysterical fictional history of hobo lore. Although it appears factual, it is a twisted satire of reality. It’s one of the few books of its kind that is worth reading just for its comic value.

Louis C.K.

Despite his acclaimed success, Louis C.K. has not always been a household name. In his one-hour special “Live at the Comedy Store,” the comic said he aimed to create a performance that harkens back to his early days at comedy clubs. This special premiered on FX on May 28, 2015.

One of the reasons Louis C.K. has gained such fame and popularity is his unique style of comedy. He uses satire to make us laugh, while his socially-aware material makes us laugh out loud. He has become a staple of late-night television and is one of the most sought-after comedians in the country. Many people are still unsure whether to check out his hilarious performances, but Louis C.K. is one of the best options if you want to see a standup show relevant to today’s world.

Aside from his brilliant standup performance, Louis C.K. has also forged a successful acting career. His comic genius has lasted for over twenty years. And his sketches are still as funny as when he first started. You don’t need to be an actor to appreciate his comedy. It’s just his natural ability. So if you’re looking for a comedian with a unique style, you’ll want to catch up with him.

Roy Wood Jr.

In his first official special, Roy Wood Jr. is a correspondent on “The Daily Show” and one of the most quotable political comics of the day. In this tight hour-long special, Wood is consistently funny and touches on topics of social and political concern. His wit and empathy for others make him an excellent choice as a political comic. But there are a few other reasons why Roy Wood Jr. is the best standup comedian most people never heard of

He started his career on a late-night news show and has since released two one-hour specials. He’s appeared in films such as Confess, Fletch, and Only Murders in the Building. While the subject matter remains as dark and bleak as ever, Wood remains a highly entertaining performer. He doesn’t sway too much from raunchy material, and he gives the audience space to take a breath.

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His eccentricity is infectious. He starts by mocking his appearance, then launches into yarns about the kids he grew up with, Gert and Tot. Tot has a touch of autism, and his tales read like a red-state/white-guy version of the “Fat Albert” gang. However, the cynical, irreverent humor makes his standup shows stand out from the pack.

Jenny Slate

The best standup comedian most people haven’t heard of is Jenny Slate, who has an impressive resume spanning indie films to cult TV shows. In addition to starring in her specials, Slate has acted in cult films and narrated multiple animated cartoons. She recently released her first Netflix comedy special. While Slate is a rising star, she’s already established herself as a unique voice.

Despite her fame and success as an actress, Slate is a standup comedian who pushes through stage fright to pursue her creative dreams. She has made appearances on SNL and Kroll Show and recently finished filming her first standup special, Stage Fright. Her latest special features interviews with her father and family, as well as stories of growing up. The short film has more than 30 million views on YouTube and has inspired fans to check out Slate’s standup specials.

In Stage Fright, Slate offers a candid look into her life and career. The documentary also features a standup performance by Slate and interviews with her family. She also shares real-life footage of her childhood, such as exploring her room and contemplating her neurotic tendencies. The result is a raw and touching portrait of Slate that will make your eyes water.

Chris Redd

Chris Redd is the best standup comedian you’ve probably never heard of. His rise to fame has been rapid. He first got a spot on Saturday Night Live and has since toured Canada and starred in several movies. His first film role was as rapper Hunter the Hungry in “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.” He is also known for starring in funny rap spoofs on “SNL,” He originally aspired to be a serious rapper.

A Chicago native, Chris Redd broke into the spotlight in the 2016 comedy “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.” The movie is a biopic of rap artist Conner4Real (Andy Samberg), who returns to his old bandmates from the Style Boyz pop-rap group. Redd played “Hunter the Hungry” in the Lonely Island movie “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.”

Chris Redd has been a staple on Saturday Night Live for years, but he’s also a versatile performer. His work reflects his talent for turning tragedies into humor. He’s also been writing and starring in his own NBC series, Kenan and Bust Down. He also has an hour-long special for HBO Max. Chris Redd’s work has garnered many accolades, including an Emmy for his performance of “Come Back, Barack.”

Lobby Baby

Seth Meyers has always been a favorite among his audience, but the latest comedy special he’s done may have surprised some viewers. The talk-show host, a standup comic, and a father have a brilliant and humble style that makes him shine when the spotlight is on him. In Lobby Baby, he focuses on his life as a new parent, and his wife, Alexi Ashe, is also the subject of some of his most hilarious material.

Seth Meyers’ Netflix special, Lobby Baby, will be available on Nov. 5, 2018. In a preview clip, Meyers teased that the special would have a “Skip Politics” button, which makes sense. Rather than spending the entire hour on political jokes, he only devotes seven minutes to those bits. And when he does make a political joke, he tags it with a line designed to convince viewers to stop watching and rewind the video.

The film Lobby Baby, directed by Neal Brennan, is a standup special unlike anything else Meyers has done. The comedian’s appearance in the special is unrecognizable from the Seth you’re used to seeing on TV. He’s wearing a black colorless sweater and jeans on never-before-seen legs. It’s the perfect combination of absurdity and realism. The show is every bit as funny as Meyers’ other specials.