Holiday Skits

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Holiday Skits

These vacation spoofs consist of some for youngsters as well as some for grownups.

Birthday celebration Skits:

  • Age Is Only A Number (A spoof for an older individual’s birthday celebration celebration)

Christmas Skits for Children:

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  • Doomsday Christmas
  • Unnoticeable Christmas Tree
  • Snowballs from Heaven

Thanksgiving Skits for Children:

  • Proud Mr. Turkey (a talk for a kid)
  • Getting Ready for Thanksgiving (a talk for a girl concerning 9 or 10)
  • The Case of the Yankee Doodle Turkey (a creature act)
  • The Unthankful Thanksgiving (a creature spoof for 3 creatures)

Easter Skits for Adults:

  • Allison & & George – An Easter Skit
  • The Last Supper

Memorial Day Skits

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Valentine’s Day Skits for Adults:

  • Stand By Your Man
  • Lollipop, Oh, Lollipop

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Holiday Skits
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