Four Great Stand-Up Comedy Routines

There are many types of standup comedy routines; some of the most successful have a clean, relatable tone. These include the work of Sarah Silverman, Patton Oswalt, Eric Andre, and James Acaster. Read on to discover some of the best standup routines of all time. Listed below are four of my favorites. If you’re unsure which one to choose, try one of the following.

Sarah Silverman’s A Speck of Dust

Netflix released Sarah’s latest special, A Speck of Dust, and it’s already getting great reviews. The comedian’s comedic routines are uncensored and often shocking, and she does not shy away from talking about things you don’t usually see in standup comedy. Her jokes have touched on topics as diverse as the Holocaust and sexual assault, as well as more intimate details about her life. Her storytelling abilities are awe-inspiring in this standup special, which is a testament to her ability to create a great comedy routine.

Silverman’s standup routines are generally funny and witty, but the material is often dark and self-aware. The comedian also uses humor to make people laugh at their own expense, but sometimes she hits a nerve. Even though A Speck of Dust has its share of dark humor, Silverman is still a more refined standup comedian than she was when she first started.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star has a special on her show. Her standup special is 71 minutes long and includes songs and sketches. She is the perfect example of a comedian who knows how to keep the audience laughing despite the inappropriate material. This standup special is a must-see for Silverman fans. This standup special is not only entertaining, but it is also an excellent introduction to standup comedy.

Patton Oswalt’s Talking for Clapping

If you’ve ever watched Patton Oswalt’s Walking for clapping routine, you may have been surprised by the many jokes and quips he throws in. The funny man has an incredible range of interests, from sports to philosophy, and his hysterical routines are always a great laugh. Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, you can enjoy his routines at your local comedy club.

As a writer, Oswalt began writing for “MAD TV,” which lasted two seasons, with Oswalt spending more time playing Doom on his computer than actually writing sketches. In 1997, he was cast on HBO’s Comedy Half-Hour, where he performed a variety of extended routines about famous people and events. Patton Oswalt married Meredith Salenger in 2004 and released his first comedy album, “Talking for Clapping.”

Oswalt’s most memorable standup routine must be “Annihilation,” in which he describes his wife’s death. Oswalt’s “Talking for Clapping” special was released a day after his wife died. However, this particular will be his first since Michelle McNamara’s death. The enigmatic comedian demonstrates the power of comedy to connect with the human condition, and his ability to tap into that need is a rare combination.

In 2009, in Oswalt’s comedy special My Weakness is Strong, he proved his versatility on stage. In the show, the comedian rants about joke-stealing and fraternity chants, and he doesn’t hold back on topical issues. In this unique, Patton Oswalt also touches on the joy of fatherhood.

Unlike many other standup routines, Patton Oswalt’s “Talking for Clapping” is a mastery of observation and rhythm. The comedian has spent months touring and performing in the United States, and his precise comments have made him a famous comedian. His ability to turn the most mundane conversation into a refined and hilarious routine is genuinely astonishing. And it doesn’t hurt that he doesn’t use the G-rated filth, either.

The talk show host also used a video of Oswalt’s son playing a character on My Little Pony. The comedian did not try to cram as many fantasy settings as he could into the show. However, he did give a good description of the show. He even made a few guest appearances on the show as a guest. His daughter portrayed the character on the show during one of the appearances.

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Eric Andre’s Legalize Everything

Comedian Eric Andre recently dropped his first Netflix standup special, “Legalize Everything.” In the special, he calls for the legalization of drugs and shares his opinions on law and order in America. In a Salon Talks interview with D. Watkins, Andre talks about his new special, his time filming in New Orleans, and censorship in the comedy industry. Read on to see what you can expect from this special!

Andre’s routine is absurd, psychedelic, and perhaps his most robust proclamation of Jewish identity. The show starts with his trademark enthusiasm and includes bits from his acclaimed ten-year career. His Oscar-worthy parody of the judicial system is especially hysterical. Afterward, he salutes the crowd with a hyena screech.

Andre’s standup routine is not for the faint of heart. The clip has already garnered more than 5,000 retweets on Twitter. The video depicts cops’ brutality to reggae gibberish. It has garnered more than five million views on YouTube. Andre’s routine isn’t for everyone, but it’s worth watching. If you’re looking for a laugh, check out the trailer below.

Unlike some comedians, Andre is not one to rest. He’s constantly performing, from impersonating a talk show host to a “Man on the Street” segment. He promises to have guests like Arnold Schwarzenegger. He also brings out a comedy writer on a rebel scooter and asks the audience to run through him. Andre’s routine is incredibly wacky and fun!

As the first standup special by an established comedian, Legalize Everything is a welcome treat for fans. Legalize Everything is a lively introduction to the comedy world if you’re a newcomer. If you’ve never seen Andre perform, you will love his wacky social commentary brand. So get ready to laugh and watch this Netflix Special.

Though Andre’s comedic style has become increasingly popular, his message of equality and fairness are a reminder that people of all backgrounds are human, regardless of race, ethnicity, or nationality. It’s also a timely reminder of the importance of human rights in the United States. In this regard, “Legalize Everything” may be one of the most important shows on Netflix. It comes at a crucial time in the Black Lives Matter movement, which could make his jokes even funnier.

James Acaster’s A Speck of Dust

Read on if you’re wondering why James Acaster’s A Speck Of Dust is a good standup comedy act. This standup routine features Acaster’s story of growing up, a time he will never forget. Acaster’s routine is a combination of sarcasm, inflection, and language. Aspects of this performance have an element of mad genius, bringing the audience into his world.

The unconventional delivery is one of the most exciting aspects of James Acaster’s standup routine. The comic begins his first show on his knees without explanation and quickly transitions into a weird and twisted vignette—aspects of Acaster’s performance range from cerebral to emotional. The comedian is a great storyteller with a knack for tapping into the audience’s emotional energy.

Fans of Acaster’s work will find Acaster’s banana story an exemplary example of his work. In a tale about a banana, a language loophole, and a policeman, Acaster explores this gap through his witty, often hilarious, storytelling. Acaster’s rapid-fire delivery will make you sit up and listen. Each part of the routine is rich with intensity, and Acaster’s deadpan is beautiful.

If you are looking for great comedy, you can’t go wrong with George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Richard Pryor, and Rodney Dangerfield. No single standup comedian has become the most celebrated, but we’ll review a few in this article. So get ready to laugh your head off! Read on to find out who the greatest standup comedians are!

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Rodney Dangerfield

One of the most significant standup comedians of all time is Rodney Dangerfield. He rose to prominence during the 1980s, performing in hit television shows such as The Tonight Show and starring in his own Broadway show. He released a series of comedy albums, including the Grammy-winning No Respect. However, he had many health problems recently, suffering from heart conditions and several heart valve replacements. Despite his declining health, Dangerfield continued to perform and even published his autobiography, “Rodney Dangerfield.”

In the 1970s, standup comedy was not an uncommon form of entertainment. Most comics at the time were social satirists, but Dangerfield decided to avoid this path. He stuck with the vaudeville style of telling jokes, directing them to himself. His catchphrase, “My Name is Rodney Dangerfield,” summarized his on-stage persona.

George Carlin

George Carlin is considered one of the greatest stand-up comedians of the twentieth century. His life story is fascinating and is an ongoing source of inspiration to countless people. He lived his life to the fullest, and his American Dream documentary will show just how far his talent went. The show will follow the comedian through his life, from his humble beginnings as a radio disc jockey to his rise to superstardom as a provocative anti-establishment standup comedian.

Carlin was one of the first comedy acts to perform in Carnegie Hall, an iconic venue for the arts. While other comedians would introduce themselves and start with a gentle jibe, Carlin seized this opportunity to challenge the status quo and amplify the power of his message. His infamous “seven dirty words” routine reverberated to the U.S. Supreme Court. His hilarious performances were legendary, and his social commentaries and observations had a measurable influence on the lives of millions of people.

Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks’ legacy lives on through his comedy. He began performing standup comedy in his early teens against his family’s wishes. Influenced by comics like Woody Allen and Jerry Lewis, he eventually connected with boundary-pushing comedian Sam Kinison and founded the Texas Outlaw Comics. Together, they pushed standup into the philosophical and socio-critical territory. Hicks became a controversial figure, often compared to a revolutionary rock star.

Other comedians influenced Hicks’ style, but his impact on comedy is often overlooked. Richard Pryor and Simon Pegg called him “a renowned truth-teller” and “a crusader against underachievement.” But even non-comedians recognized Hicks’ influence, naming him twice in a list of the 100 greatest standup comedians of all time. Bill Hicks’ witty, intelligent and provocative comedy has inspired generations of comics and influencers.

Bill Hicks’ material spans a diverse range of subjects. Bill Hicks reaches a wide range of audiences, from satirizing consumerism and superficiality to critiquing banality. Among his contemporaries is the American standup comedian, writer, and film producer Steven Alexander Wright, ranked the 18th funniest comedian in the world. Other comedians that make a list include Ricky Gervais, an English actor, and former manager of the Seona Dancing show in the 1980s.

Richard Pryor

In his late thirties, Richard Pryor re-entered the club circuit, bringing his uniquely witty perspective to the counter-culture of the day. The resulting comedy style helped him become a phenomenon, making him America’s black Pagliacci. He would write a comedy about his own life experiences, including being abandoned by his mother when he was only ten. Pryor’s satirical views of black life are often the most penetrating.

As an African-American, Richard Pryor had the unique ability to confront racism by exposing the wrongs done to black people. His comedy also incorporated many political themes, resulting in a unique blend of hysterical humor and serious social commentary. Pryor became a star in the film in the 1970s. He deservedly remains one of the greatest standup comedians of all time.

He also delved into controversial topics, such as race relations and homosexuality. His standup specials were top-rated, with millions of people laughing at his performances worldwide. Although Pryor’s standup routines may be controversial, they are timeless classics. The comedian’s flamboyant views were always entertaining, making him one of the greatest standup comedians of all time.

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Bob Newhart

One of the most excellent standup comics of all time is Bob Newhart. Born in 1938, Newhart has won numerous awards and accolades, including an Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame nomination and a Grammy award for his debut album. Newhart also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, won the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in 2002, and won an Emmy for his work. His enduring success was further rewarded by the creation of The Bob Newhart Show and Newhart. These comedies won Newhart three Grammy Awards and a Golden Globe for his work.

As a host, Newhart made an appearance at the 58th Primetime Emmy Awards in 1962. His joke involved an air-tight glass prison. If the show lasted longer than three hours, Newhart would die. Emmy awards are notoriously long, so this gag was designed to highlight his frustration with award shows going over the three-hour mark. Thankfully, Newhart “survived” the ordeal and was presented the Outstanding Comedy Series award.

Bill Cosby

As one of our most significant stand-up comedians, Bill Cosby has become a household name in the comedy world. His most well-known comedy special, Bill Cosby: Himself, features the comedian in his natural state and runs over 100 minutes. The show helped establish his hit show, The Cosby Show. Cosby was ranked as the world’s greatest standup comic in 2007.

Aside from his comedy talent, Bill Cosby is also a great activist. He has actively campaigned for child education programs and education for minorities. However, he has also been accused of drugging and sexually abusing women. Regardless of his conviction on these charges, his legacy as a comedian is still being debated. Consider why Bill Cosby is one of the most significant stand-up comedians.

The scandal surrounding Cosby was a shock to fans. He was accused of sexually assaulting and drugging Andrea Constand, a woman working at his former university. Although prosecutors declined to press charges against Cosby, Andrea Constand filed a civil lawsuit against him. In the end, thirteen women agreed to testify against him and said they were sexually assaulted. The case was settled out of court in 2006 for an undisclosed amount.

Jerry Seinfeld

With a sitcom-fuelled fortune, it is no surprise that Seinfeld has become synonymous with stand-up comedy. The legendary comedian continues to perform standup even in his 60s. Seinfeld started as an open mic performer at an NYC club, Catch a Rising Star, and has since become one of the most popular comedians.

In addition to his Emmy and Golden Globe-winning sitcom Seinfeld, the standup circuit has been one of his primary sources of income since the mid-1990s. Seinfeld has also had a long and storied career as a writer and actor, and his most recent venture, a web series titled Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, has become one of the most popular shows on the Internet.

The comedy industry is filled with legends and superstars, and Seinfeld is no exception. The legendary comedian Richard Pryor, for example, was a stand-up superstar. His career spanned decades and included a run as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Aside from being a standup comedian, Murphy also worked in film. His standup career lasted from 1980 to 1984.

Tig Notaro

Nine months ago, Tig Notaro was a barely known comedian. In August, she performed at the West Hollywood club Largo. With plenty of material, she made her audience laugh. Notaro had just undergone a life-threatening intestinal condition, lost her mother in a freak accident, and broke up with her girlfriend. She’s since recovered and continues to blend subjective satire and confessional wit.

After the release of her debut album, Tig Notaro’s career started to rise. She became a household name when she was hired to write for the Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer. Notaro’s joke about Taylor Dayne was so popular that it went on for over 12 minutes. While Notaro’s previous work was unquestionably funny, her new material earned her the title of one of the greatest stand-up comedians of all time.

The acclaimed Emmy-nominated comedian also has a diverse resume, including a successful podcast and multiple acting credits. Rolling Stone has named her one of the 50 best standup comedians. She has appeared on T.V. and in films, including Star Trek: Discovery and Army of the Dead. Her Netflix documentary, Tig, tells the story of Notaro’s journey from open mic nights to bigger stages.