by Ava.D

Do not bully; it is bad. Why do individuals bully? You are mosting likely to learn. Below is a little act I made I wish you like it.

DO NOT BULLY image 0

Woman 1: I like your footwear. Where did you obtain them, a zoo? Ha Ha Ha.
Woman 2: I want thoes women would certainly quit being mean to me. They make me really feel poor.
Lady 3: Hi are you ok?
Woman 1: No, those ladies are so imply to me regularly.
Woman 3: Why do not you inform somebody?
Woman 1: Because they will certainly anger and also harm me. Woman 3: Well this requires to quit. I do not such as intimidation. It misbehaves.
Woman 1: What are we doing?
Woman 3: We are mosting likely to inform somebody.
And also they did as well as the harassing quit. I wish you liked it. And also I wished you found out something.

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