Dissecting The Chicken Joke

Studying The Poultry Joke

by Thom Goddard
(London, UK)

Two of individuals stand in a corridor.
One looks to the various other:

1. I’ve obtained a joke for you.

2. Oh yeah?

1. Why did the poultry go across the roadway?

2. Do you suggest “For what function” did the hen go across the roadway?

1. Yes.

2. Oh ok.

1. So “For what function” did the poultry go across the roadway?

2. Are we speaking about among us that’s scared of a bully or a real poultry?

1. A real bird mind.

2. So you.

1. Ha ha. No, a feathery, two-legged, egg-creating, winged animal.

2. Oh, a gallus domesticus

1. A what?

2. The taxonomic name for poultry.

1. Oh … after that yes. A gall … gall … domestic-thing.

2. Gallus Domesticus.

1. Gallus Domesticus.

2. Perfect.

1. Ok after that.

2. What?

1. So … “For what function” did the “Gallus Gallus Domesticus” go across the roadway?

2. Oh right. In what feeling “cross”?

1. Eh?

2. Well did they distress it, tip on its toe or swipe some cash?

1. What are you discussing?

2. In what means did they make the roadway go across?

1. No, no, no. Crossed. From one side to the various other.

2. Oh … Peregrinate.

1. What?

2. Decussate.

1. Are you talking English?

Dissecting The Chicken Joke image 1

2. Yes, obviously. Exactly how around “Traverse”

1. Yes, that’s it. “Traverse from one side to the various other”

2. Ah, currently I obtain it.

1. So?

2. So?

1. Do not make me state it once again.

2. Oh … “For what function” did the “Gallus Gallus Domesticus” “Traverse” the roadway?

1. Yes. That’s it!

2. Ah … however.

1. No “buts”.

2. What do you indicate “roadway”?

1. Every person understands roadways. Things individuals drive on. With autos. Or trucks. Or buses. Or … wait, you’ve obtained me doing it currently.

2. Doing “it” what?

1. It matters not. Back to “Road”. What do not you recognize regarding “Road”?

2. Well, I can presume you suggest asphalt freeway.

1. Yes …

2. However …

1. I stated no “buts”

2. Suppose its aspirational. Like desires or wishes?

1. I do not recognize what you’re speaking about.

2. You understand. “The roadway to El Dorado”.

1. Where?

2. El Dorado. The city of gold.

1. Oh. However what’s that reached perform with …

2. There is no real city. “The Road to El Dorado” is an allegory for our course with life to accomplish knowledge.

1. Ok. Actually, I can not state anything due to the fact that I do not also understand where we are.

2. The roadway. An asphalt freeway or a greater expansion …

1. Do not end up that sentence! An asphalt freeway.

2. Thanks for getting rid of that up.

1. Not a problem. So?

2. So … what?

1. So … “For what function” did the “Gallus Gallus Domesticus” “Traverse” the “Asphalt Highway”?

2. Hmmm … I do not understand.

Dissecting The Chicken Joke image 2

1. To reach the opposite!!!

2. The opposite side?

1. Yes!

2. The etherial level or the compare of where they state?

1. What? Oh … what currently?

2. Well, are they seeking to carry on to a life past our temporal presence?

1. WHAT?

2. Are they aiming to finish their life? Pass away. And after that proceed to the etherial level. Or Heaven. You recognize reach “The Other Side”.

1. Erm … I do not understand.

2. Or the precise reverse of where their trip started from one side of the asphalt freeway to the various other side?

1. Erm … I assume the 2nd one. Today I do not recognize.

2. Well, I believe you ought to discover prior to you beginning asking me concerns.

1. I had not been asking you a concern! Look it’s a traditional joke – “Why did the hen go across the roadway?”

2. You suggest: For what objective did the Gallus Domesticus pass through the asphalt freeway?

1. Precisely!

2. Why?

1. “To reach the opposite side!”

2. You imply: To get to the etherial level.

1. No.

2. Or: To get to the compare setting where they started.

1. NO! NO! NO!

2. Well … if you’re mosting likely to inform a joke at the very least inform it appropriately.

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Mar 23, 2018

remark BRAND-NEW
by: raff

great! might utilize it for my skill program!

Apr 04, 2016

by: Deborah

Thom, I enjoy this! It would certainly make a wonderful act!

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