Dirty Dad Jokes

You have probably heard of a dirty joke, but did you know there are also some adult versions? For instance, a dirty dad joke would be about 365 used condoms. But, what is your favorite dirty trick? Here are some examples:

79 dirty jokes and memes for adults

Dirty jokes can make anyone laugh and get the blood flowing. The hilarious examples include Santa Claus appearing in a dirty trick, masturbation being like procrastination, the discharge being like a blow-job, etc. There’s a dirty joke for everyone – and we’ve rounded up 79 of the best! So, what are you waiting for? Get cracking and laugh your way through life with these dirty jokes!

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40 dirty dad jokes

Consider some of these 40 funny dirty dad jokes when looking for a perfect dirty gag. Dads are known for many things – from teaching kids how to ride a bike to change a tire. They can also provide the strength and reassuring hand that many kids need. And, of course, they have a unique sense of humor. So, if your dad is an obnoxious, bumbling person, you’ll find that these dad jokes will make you laugh – and hopefully, you will, too!

“No bell, no whistle” is a classic dirty dad joke that describes a man’s unreliable sense of humor. He also said that he had to wait until his son left the circus to get a hot dog from a vendor. And last but not least, when your dad jumped out of his closet, you had to make him laugh – he had just gotten too dirty. Of course, not every dirty dad joke involves a child.

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Dirty jokes are funny for adults too. And, what better way to impress your dad than with a dirty dad joke? Not only are they entertaining, but they can be embarrassing too. Remember to have fun with them and share them with your friends and family. You never know who might be reading them. You never know who might find one hilarious. So, share some dirty dad jokes with your friends and family!

365 used condoms

You can use 365 used condoms for a funny dirty joke this year. One egg can fertilize a million sperms, but they’ll never ask for directions. Santa Claus only comes once a year, so why not use them? Plus, they’ll be worth a lot! Here are some examples of other great uses for 365 used condoms:

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A Goodyear tire isn’t the same as a golf ball, and that’s the point. You can see the other person’s face for the G-spot on the condom. You can also use a bankrupt whorehouse sign. And if you can’t find a bankrupt whorehouse, use a street pharmacy to trade a break for a new one. Then, you can exchange your vacation with the street pharmacist or hooker for an even better joke.


A dirty joke can be funny but inappropriate, mainly if the subject is inappropriate for a formal setting. Here are some examples of dirty tricks you may want to share with your friends. Is the tire your favorite dirty joke? Let us know in the comments below! Is the tire your favorite dirty trick? Could you share it with the world? You can even use it as the basis for your dirty joke. Just remember to keep it clean and only tell dirty jokes around friends!


If you’ve ever been a pickpocket, you know it can be awkward to catch. But Redd Foxx has a great dirty joke to share: “Pickpocket!” This hilarious movie is a classic for a reason. Inigo Montoya finally catches the six-fingered crook. But it’s not all about dirty jokes.

Bonus check

Did you know that dirty jokes exist? A constipated accountant or mathematician is not a fictitious character – she wore her clothes to the dentist’s office and spread her legs out in a disgusting way. A naughty plumber is the most famous dirty joke. A prankster can be found in every town, and it’s probably easier to make your partner laugh than to get embarrassed by dirty tricks.

One dirty joke you should know is that a man’s dick is not his penis, a pregnant woman is a dick, and a walrus goes to a Tupperware party. Another dirty joke is that a man takes a shower after three periods. If your boyfriend is gasping for breath, your pillow isn’t down long enough! It would help if you never underestimate the power of a simple three-word line.