Cat Fingerplays

Cat Fingerplays

Right here are numerous pet cat fingerplays for you to delight in with your young child and also young child. Delight in!

Mrs. Tabby Cat

Below is Mrs. Tabby Cat (one thumb)

And her little kittycats (4 fingers)

Curled up on their little bed,

(Fold fingers as well as thumb with each other)

Snuggled with some mittens.

They were shocked by a squeek

(Other thumb shakes)

Their heads appeared to see.

(Hand comes partially open)

Kittens, I assume I see a computer mouse.

Currently simply follow me (hushed voice).

Slipping, sneaking, slipping on,

Silently they took.

(Fingers swelling towards computer mouse.)

Right before the felines arrived,

The computer mouse appeared his opening.

(Hide thumb in clenched fist.)

5 Little Kittens

5 little kitties standing in a row.

(Extend left fingers up, hand out)

They nod their heads to the youngsters so.

(Bend fingers ahead.)

They go to the left, they go to the right.

(Wiggle fingers to left and after that to the right.)

They stand as well as stretch in the brilliant sunshine.

(Stretch fingers gradually.)

Along comes a pet dog, whos in for some enjoyable.

(Move right very first gradually towards extending fingers.)

M-E-O-W, see those kitties run!

Cat Fingerplays photo 1

(Run left fingers behind back.)

(Note: Preschoolers and also kids LOVE when points go away.)

And also currently for some even more feline fingerplays …


The black feline yawns

Opens her jaw

Extends her legs

And also reveals her claws.

The she stays up

As well as depends on 4 lengthy rigid legs

As well as yawns some much more.

She reveals her sharp teeth.

She extends her lip

Her piece of a tongue

Shows up at the suggestion.

Raising herself on her fragile toes

She curves her back as high as it goes.

She allows herself down with express treatment

As well as pads away with her tail airborne.

4 Little Kitty Cats

4 little feline pet cats straight

(Hold up 4 fingers on left hand)

Four even more feline pet cats reoccur.

(Hold up 4 fingers on right-hand man.)

8 little cat pet cats play in the sunlight.

(Make sunlight with arms expenses.)

Moving as well as toppling as well as having a good time.

(Roll as well as topple hands from head to lap.)

After that … out came 2 puppy pet dogs.

(Stop rolling hands and also bulge thumbs.)

And also away they run.

Cat Fingerplays photo 2

(Make fingers run in the air and also right into your lap.)

Scat pet cat!

(claim promptly in a whispery voice.)

Chase Your Tail, Kitty

Chase your tail, Kitty,

Chase your tail, Kitty,

Now you believe you have it.

Chase your tail, Kitty,

Chase your tail, Kitty,

Now you’ve shed it once again.

What a foolish feline!

What a foolish cat!

Do not you recognize you can chase after all early morning

And also never ever capture your tail!


A kitty is concealing under a chair.

(Hide one thumb under various other hand.)

I looked as well as searched for her all over.

(Peer regarding with turn over eyes.)

Under the table and also under the bed.

(Pretend to look.)

I searched in the edge, and also when I claimed,

“Come Kitty, Come Kitty,

Here’s Milk for you,”

(Cup hands to make meal and also expand out.)

Feline came running as well as calling mew, mew.

(Run fingers up arm.)

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