What is Your Favorite Ricky Gervais Joke?

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Build the Mindset of a Funny Person Or Comedian

Being funny requires genuineness. While some individuals are born with a funny disposition, others may develop it over time. Regardless of the reason, there is no one-size-fits-all path to comic excellence. It is essential to follow your way and focus on what brings you joy. You will find a community through comedy, and you will … Read more

How Can an Unfunny Person Become a Comedian?

First, you need to develop your sense of humor. Practice makes perfect, so make sure to listen to other people. It will help you learn to appreciate other people’s jokes, making you more relatable and empathetic. Secondly, you must be willing to try new things and take feedback. Finally, trust your inner sense of humor, … Read more

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What is the Difference Between Comedy and Humor?

Generally, there are two fundamental differences between comedy and humor. Humor is a style that entertains the audience without using offensive language. Comedy focuses on a subject matter or situation, and satire is about mocking the genre’s conventions. Both types of humor are essentially the same, but their delivery methods are pretty different. In this … Read more

Are There Any Resources to Learn Stand-Up Comedy For Free?

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What’s the Toughest Part of Being a Stand Up Comedian?

Performing on stage can be challenging. You spend a lot of time practicing, and you should never put all of your hopes on one show. You should be hitting two to five shows every night to be successful. You also shouldn’t get frustrated and call it in. If you get frustrated, you will probably phone … Read more

Why Do People Become Comedians?

To understand why people become comedians, let’s start with “Why do people become comedians?” Humor is a powerful equalizer. It reduces social distance, increases creativity, and allows people to feel in control of their situation. And what’s more, it’s a great way to meet new people. The next question might be, “Why do people become … Read more