Bullying skit – Bullying has consenquences

Harassing spoof – Intimidation has consenquences

by Jade B.
( Canada )

– Alexis (bully)
– Molly (target)
– Elena (Alexis’ pal)
– Hannah (Alexis’ buddy)
– Luke
– Principle Lockwood

Molly goes to her storage locker attempting to obtain her publications when Alexis as well as her gang show up.

Alexis – Hey there Molls, exactly how’s it going?
Molly – Please do not call me that.
Alexis – Come on Molls, we’re buddies!
Alexis and also her pals laugh.
Molly – No we aren’t, please leave me alone.
Alexis – Of program not you silly bonehead! I would certainly never ever be good friends with a loser like you.
Elena – Do you also have any kind of good friends?
Molly -… The ladies laugh
Alexis – Didn’t believe so.
Molly – Luke’s my close friend.
Hannah – You desire, he’s just buddies with preferred women like us.
Molly attempts to leave however Alexis quits her.
Alexis – I reach inform you when to leave.
Alexis draws Molly’s glasses off her head, pounds her locker closed as well as presses her down.
Alexis – There you can go currently, ha ha!
The harasses leave and also Molly begins to weep. Luke concerns Molly.
Luke – What took place Molly?
Molly – It was Alexis as well as her gang.
Luke – Come on, allow’s go inform Principle Lockwood.
Molly – No I do not desire her to obtain entailed.
Luke – We need to inform her Molly. Allow’s fit.
Molly – Okay thanks Luke.

The 3 harasses remain in the principal’s workplace.
Principal Lockwood – You ladies remain in a lot problem.
Elena – But I vouch I really did not do anything; it was all Alexis!
Alexis – Elena!
Hannah – It’s real, Alexis made us do it!
Alexis – Hannah! They’re phonies. I really did not make them do anything.
Principal Lockwood – You are all harasses and also you ladies need to have considered the effects to your activities.
Elena – And we will certainly from currently on. Many thanks for the lecture obtained ta go!
Principal Lockwood – Not so quick. You’re done in the Detention for the following week.
Hannah – What!
Principal Lockwood – Why are you so peaceful, Alexis?
Alexis – I desire my legal representative.

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Apr 22, 2019

wonderful BRAND-NEW
by: Anonymous

great spoof hat ought to educates individuals a lesson

Dec 24, 2017

Well Done
by: Bobinathepinkunicorn

Soo Good

Jan 24, 2017

Bullying skit – Bullying has consenquences photo 2

really intriguing
by: isabellea

excellent on ur spoof. it was intriguing just that i sympathized with molly. i would certainly have press alexis bak. really great act

Jan 24, 2017

really fascinating
by: isabellea

great on ur act. it was intriguing just that i sympathized with molly. i would certainly have press alexis bak. extremely good spoof

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