BTS’s Best Dad Jokes

Look no further if you’re searching for BTS’s best dad jokes. BTS’s Jin is known for cracking windshield wiper-worthy jokes. His collection of dad jokes includes “Bubble” and “Tornado.”

Stan Jin’s dad jokes

If you love BTS and have a husband or father, you’re probably familiar with Stan Jin’s dad jokes. If you don’t know BTS, you can read this article to learn about their dad jokes. Stan Jin is a massive fan of the boy band. However, he tends to mess up the pronunciation of words, particularly Korean ones. So, what makes him tickle us so much? Here are a few of Stan Jin’s dad jokes.


“What do you call a tornado?” Jin asks, puzzled. “Honor,” he replies, “a whirlwind or a tornado.” Then he proceeds to explain that he’s trying to get Jin to eat raw sashimi, a raw fish. Then he explains that badagajae, pronounced “bad-ah-ga-Jae,” means “let’s go to the sea.” When he says it, the word sounds like a lobster.


The latest episode of BTS’s “Hwae-oh-RI” has many a hilarious moment to keep the viewers amused. In the episode, Jin makes fun of his dad’s name by referring to it as “signal,” Korean for “bread.” The words can be translated as “bread + teojida,” which means “to explode.”

“M45O$;75” is equivalent to “D*A&T@HZA.” So, He-oh-rin Jin is “a dad” if he can do the same. He is also known as “the dad of my daughters” and “the daughter’s father.”

Dad jokes are not just for your father – they are also for you, as a child! Learn some of the best dad jokes and use them almost daily! Here are some fun examples: a sheep’s favorite car, a foot-long, slippery cat, and a leopard that cannot hide. You can also learn some interesting facts about your dad! But don’t forget the most important thing: don’t make a dad joke if you don’t have a dad!

ajae gauge

Ajay gauge is slang for dad, a phrase just as funny in Korean as in English. It is derived from a word from the Korean dialect known as ajar and the English-derived word gag. The phrase is commonly used to make fun of dads and can be an excellent way to crack a smile with your family and friends.

The following examples are classic dad jokes, but they can be adapted to fit any situation. They can be used almost every day – for example, if you’re trying to get your kids to laugh, you can tell them a dad joke that has the same element as their favorite comedian. The dad jokes are a great way to establish a friendly atmosphere.

afoot long and slippery

A foot-long and slippery dad joke is an old standby, albeit one that may be outdated by now. The foot is very tricky, and, as a result, a father should always keep this one in mind when teasing his kids. This joke works best when a parent tries to get his kids’ attention. Depending on the situation, you can say, “I’m slippery, foot!” or “I’m long and slippery!”