Boy Scout Skits

Boy Scout Skits

These Boy Scout spoofs are best for your campouts or your routine Scout conferences. We motivate you to send your very own acts to show to Scouts all throughout the United States.

Some Boy Scout Skits:

Ping Pong Skit:

Two Scouts make loud click noises versus the roofing system of their mouth with their tongue to make sure that it seems like a ping pong round being struck with a paddle.

Both Scouts each hold a paddle as well as start playing a fictional video game of ping pong on a fictional ping pong table, making the audio results with their mouths at the proper times. They slowly obtain further and also further apart, making the clicks further apart also.

Ultimately, they obtain until now apart that they vanish unofficial, or around the rear of the phase. When they re-emerge they have actually changed placements and also they stroll in backwards, proceeding the ping pong video game. And now it resembles they are striking the sphere right around the globe! They proceed playing as well as strolling in reverse towards each various other till they pass each various other to ensure that they are currently dealing with each various other once again as well as they play a rapid video game as in the past.

The Hamburger Skit

3 personalities: Customer, Waiter, Cook The chef does not use a t-shirt, yet just an apron.

The consumer enters into the dining establishment as well as takes a seat. The water mosts likely to the table and also takes his order.

Consumer: I’ll have a burger as well as a coke.

Steward: Thank you, sir. (Leaves for a couple of secs as well as returns with a burger and also a coke.) Below you go, Sir.

Boy Scout Skits photo 0

Client: Thank you.

The client takes the bun off the burger and also begins to place catsup on it, yet prior to he does he notifications something on the burger patty. He looks ashamed and also grabs something off the burger as well as calls over the steward.

Consumer: Waiter! Waitress, there’s a hair on my burger. This is definitely revolting!

Waitress: I’m really sorry, sir. I’ll obtain you an additional burger. (He departures to the kitchen area as well as returns with an additional one.) Below you are, sir.

Client: Thank you.

Once more the client begins to place catsup on his burger yet the very same point takes place once more.

Consumer: Waiter! Waitress! Look! There’s a hair in this burger also!

Waitress: I’m so extremely sorry, sir. Please permit me to obtain you one more burger. I’m certain it will not occur once more.

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Client: All right, however rush it up.

The steward returns with an additional burger and also the exact same point occurs once more. This time around the hair appears also much longer as well as much more horrible than the various other times.

Consumer: Waiter! Take a look at this! I can not think this location! I require to speak with the chef!

Waitress: The chef?

Client: Yes, I require to see the chef promptly!

Waitress: Very well, sir. (He asks for the chef.) Hey, Smiley, there’s a client out below that wants to have a couple of words with you!

Prepare: (The chef appears using his apron over his bare upper body.) Certain, ideal after i coating comprising some even more burger patties! (He rolls up a sphere of meat and also squashes it by wrecking it under his underarm.)

Below are some even more Boy Scout Skits in PDF style for simple printing and also sharing:

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