Birds Fingerplays

Birds Fingerplays

The complying with birds fingerplays are everything about birds.

Sing a Song of Sixpence

Sing a track of sixpence, a pocket loaded with rye.

(Make circle with hands)

Four and also twenty blackbirds baked in a pie.

When the pie was opened up.

(Open hands)

The birds started to sing.

(Flutter fingers)

Wasn’t that a pretty meal to establish prior to the king?

The king remained in his counting residence,

(Cup one hand freely)

Counting out his cash.

(Pick up “cash” with the various other)

The queen remained in the shop,

Eating bread as well as honey.

(Make consuming movements)

The house maid remained in the yard, hanging around the clothing,

(Hands prolonged up)

When down came a blackbird, and also nipped off her nose.

(Flutter one by far as well as nip nose.)


(Fists to make a hillside)

There were 2 blackbirds

(Lift forefinger)

Sitting on a hillside

One called Jack

(Wiggle one finger)

The various other called Jill.

(Wiggle various other finger)

Fly away, Jack.

(Index finger behind back)

Fly away, Jill.

(Other finger behind back)

Come back, Jack.

(Bring back very first finger)

Come back, Jill.

(Bring back various other finger)

Little Birdie

One little birdie tweets so.

2 little birdies being in a row.

Birds Fingerplays photo 1

3 little birdies await a worm.

4 little birdies agonize, wriggle, wriggle.

5 little birdies shudder with cool.

6 little birdies stay up strong.

7 little birdies sing pleasant, pleasant, pleasant.

8 little birdies sing tweet, tweet, tweet.

9 little birdies all find out to fly,

Ten little birdies in heaven, blue skies.

5 Little Birdies

5 little birdies, high in a tree,

The initial one states, what do I see?

The 2nd one claims, I see the road.

The 3rd one claims, And seeds to consume.

The 4th one states, The seeds are wheat.

The 5th one states: Tweet, tweet.

If I Were a Bird

If I were a bird, I would certainly sing a track,

And fly regarding the entire day long,

And when the evening came, most likely to remainder,

Up in my relaxing little nest.

5 Little Birds

5 little birds with no residence.

(Hold up 5 fingers over head)

Five little trees straight.

(Hold up 5 fingers of various other hand)

Come construct your nest in our branches high.

(Let one hand fly to the various other)

And we’ll shake them from side to side.

(Rock cupped hands)

Here are some even more birds fingerplays.

5 Little Chicadees

5 little chickadees being in a door;

One flew away and after that there were 4.

4 little chickadees being in a tree;

One flew away and afterwards there were 3.

3 little chickadees considering you;

One flew away and after that there were 2.

2 little chickadees being in the sunlight;

One flew away and after that there was one.

One little chickadee resting all alone;

He flew away and after that there were none.

Up in the Tree

Up in the tree

Birds Fingerplays photo 2

(Place one lower arm on the various other with hands outstretched)

Is a little bird’s nest.

(Cup hands)

Within it 2 eggs.

(Place thumb in cupped hands)

Underneath birdies bust.

Crack-cracking the eggs.

(Make clicking audio with finger nails)

Both the birdlings appear.

They quickly expand rather huge.

Hop-hop-hopping regarding.

The mom bird states,

“Look, I’ll show you to fly!”

So spreading their wings

(Stretch 2 hands with thumbs signed up with)

They’re off– vocal singing goodbye.


This is the dove home up so high

With its actually peaked roofing versus the skies.

These are the doves all grey and also white.

(Flutter hands)

They stay in the dove home snug as well as limited.

Coo states the doves as they fly away.

Coo claims the white dove.

(Flutter right-hand man)

Coo claims the grey dove.

(Flutter left hand)

Coo, coo, coo, as they perambulate.

Consuming the corn that we tossed out.

(Eating activity.)

Some even more birds fingerplays!


Browse and also what do you see?

2 fat robins being in a tree.

Pay attention, pay attention as well as what do you listen to?

They are claiming, “Spring is right here!”

(Can replace autumn, winter months or summer season too)

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