anti bullying and namecalling skits

anti intimidation and also namecalling spoofs

by Isabella Repreza
(oceanside, Ca, San Diego)

The message of this spoof is to reveal that if you do not consider your activities, they can have extreme results on individuals. A few of these radical results can be like dedicating self-destruction and also clinical depression. Likewise, if you do the wrong point, you might obtain penalized. Shelle likewise never ever informs Jackson what she practically does. This is verifying the concept that the bully seldom recognizes what the intimidation does to the target.
Shelle(Chrishelle): New youngster/ storyteller.
Jackson(Brendan): Big bully.
Angelina(Isabella): Protagonist/ shelle’s buddy.
Nicole(Isabella): Person that assists shelle/ pal of Angelina as well as James.
James(Brendan): Person that assists shelle/friend of Nicole’s and also Angelina.
Principal Song(Chrishelle): The Principal.
Scene 1
College entryway:
Shelle: “Thanks once more for being my buddy at this brand-new college! This institution is various from my various other institution.”
Angelina: “You’re welcome. Well I reached reach course! See you later on!”* leaves *
Jackson: “Well what do we have here?Oh look it’s a novice. You look so strange. I wager you are foolish.
Shelle:” I-I-I …”
Jackson:” What is your name, huh?”
Shelle:” Sh-shelle …”
Jackson:” (buffooning shelle)W-well h-hello Sh-shelle.(usually)That is sooo unsatisfactory and also dumb!” * leaves giggling *
The corridors are vacant …
Shelle: I deal with the remainder of my day, assuming and also preparing. I had a lot stress and anxiety from transferring to a brand-new location and also currently I have this mean youngster following me …
Scene 2
Shelle’s house:
Mom: “So, exactly how was institution?”
Shelle:” I do not wish to speak about it, can I consume in my space?”
Mama: “ok …”
* Shelle glides a blade under her paper napkin as well as rushes … *
Shelle:(Says while weeping)” i truly am dumb. I never ever obtain A’s …”
* Phone rings *
Shelle:” H-hello?”
Angelina:” Hi! So, , I simply obtained some details concerning your very first day as well as I listened to that you had an experience with Jackson. Is this real?
Shelle: “Yes …”
Angelina:” Ohhh, well if he informed you something do not pay attention to him. He is constantly indicate to the brand-new children. As well as for each youngster for that issue.”
Shelle:” R-really?”
Angelina: “Yeah he can be a jerk in some cases. Tomorrow if he attempts to speak with you. You need to simply leave as well as most likely to course.”
Shelle:” Ok, thanks for the guidance! See you tomorrow!”
Angelina:”Okay bye see you tomorrow!”
Scene 3
College corridor:
Angelina:”Hey Shelle!”
Shelle: “Hey there!”
Angelina: “I need to go to course bye Shelle see you later on.” * leaves *
Shelle: “Ok, see you later on”
* Shelle strolls to her storage locker *
Jackson: * Trips Shelle * “whoops!”
Shelle: “Hey, what-“
Jackson: “Oh look, it’s that little brat! What’s her name?Oh yeah, I quite sure it’s foul-smelling * giggles *
Shelle: It’s not foul-smelling it’s Sh-Shelle
Jackson:” Yeah, is that so? Well, you are stinky due to the fact that I called you stinky. I uncommitted concerning your actual name!!! Now simply SHUT UP!!!!”
Shelle: * begins sobbing in a manner to make individuals laugh *
* giggling from fellow trainees (our schoolmates)*
* runs and also hides in the women washroom and also begins to weep *
Scene 4
The women restroom:
* Angelina enters the restroom *
:” Are you ok Shelle? Why are you sobbing?”
Shelle:” H-he p-pushed me as well as h-he c-called me S-smelly …”
Nicole:”Who exists?”
Angelina: “Oh, is that you Nicole?”
Nicole: Yeah it’s me. What’s incorrect with the brand-new youngster?”
Shelle:” J-Jacks-son …”
Nicole:”What concerning Jackson. What did he do?”
Angelina: “He has actually been harassing shelle considering that the 2nd I left her on her initial day! I do not also comprehend why you like him!”
Nicole:”Well I imply I believe I will not be with him any longer if he is simply mosting likely to be mean to practically everybody.”
Angelina: “Great suggestion!”
Shelle:” W-wait, you like him ?!?”
Nicole: ” … We much better go or we will certainly be late to course.”
* the women most likely to course *
Scene 5
Principal’s workplace:
Principal Song: “Hello Nicole as well as James why are you right here today. Did you enter difficulty?”
Nicole and also James(at the exact same time): “No! We have a little concern that we require assistance dealing with”
Principal Song: “Ok, take place …”
James: There is a concern in between the brand-new child, Shelle, as well as Jackson.
Nicole: “Jackson has actually been harassing Shelle as well as every various other brand-new youngsters that come below.”
James: “We were questioning if you might talk with Jackson concerning what he is doing.”
Principal Song: “Ok, I will certainly call him in quickly”
James as well as Nicole:(at the exact same time) “Thank you for your aid Principal Song.”
Principal Song(Over the speaker): “Will Jackson Pollock please concerned the Principal’s Office?”
Jackson: “Song, what is this?”
Principal Song:” It is Principal Song to you!”
Jackson: “Whatever. What do you desire? You are getting of my lunch time!”
Principal Song: “I heard you were harassing. Is this real?”
Jackson: “N-no … w-well, m-maybe a little …”
Jackson:” huh? W-w-wait what?”
Principal Song: “No, obtain your things. I am calling your mother.”
Scene 6
College corridor:
* At Jackson’s storage locker *
* The bell rings *
(Jackson begin thinking of what he has actually done)
Jackson: HEY, Shelle, come right here!
Shelle: * Her as well as her good friends most likely to Jackson * w-what d-do you desire J-jacks-son?”
Jackson: “To state I am sorry.”
Shelle: “R-really?!?”
Jackson:” To be truthful, I was being a bully since i was envious of you. You are a remarkable child. Once again, I am incredibly sorry.
Shelle: “Ok, I forgive you!”
Jackson: “Oh, and also I am sorry to you also, James, I should not have actually treated you like that either.”
James: “It is alright …”
Jackson: “Well, I need to go. Have an excellent year!”
Shelle as well as her good friends: “Bye you have a great year as well!”

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