Alice’s Story: a bully’s horrible home life

Alice’s Tale: a bully’s awful house life

by Sydney

Isabella: Alice, why really did not you clean the flooring while I was gone, you are such an useless stepdaughter!
Alice(madly): Why should I appreciate you? If my father were still below as well as saw just how you treated me, he would certainly’ve been livid. I’m leaving for institution!
(Isabella orders Alice’s lengthy, gold brownish haired braid):
Isabella: Don’t make use of that intonation with me, Allie!
Alice: It’s Alice!
(Alice heads to college where her pal, Brittany, waits):
Brittany: OMG, Alice, what occurred to your face?
Alice: My stepmom did it.
Brittany: Gee, she’s a beast!
Alice: I understand, however she does not respect any person yet herself. Since my mother passed away because car mishap 4 years back when I was 3 and also my dad remarried the dreadful Isabella, I’ve been chewed out her practically daily.
Brittany: That have to’ve drawn.
Alice: Yeah. Mentioning awful, there’s that geek, Diana. Allow’s go as well as tease her terrible hairstyle!
Brittany(hesitantly): I do not believe we should, Alice, that’s not wonderful to do whatsoever.
Alice: I’ll obtain you that brand-new costly phone you desired.
Brittany: No, I will not!
Alice(madly): Ugh, penalty. If you will not do it, I will!
(Brittany conceals beneath the table in worry):
Brittany: I’ve obtained a tension regarding this.
(The various other children look in scary):
Layla(nervously): I’m going to obtain Mrs. Sanchez!
Ruby: Layla, what are you doing?
Layla: Going to obtain aid for Diana!
Ruby: Hurry or she’ll see you!
Alice: Well, well, well, look what the pet cat brought from the junkyard, an unsightly, ugly geek!
(Some of the children laugh while others enjoy nervously)

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(Jane, a lady from Brittany and also Alice’s inner circle, attempts to defend Diana, yet is reproved by Alice):
Jane: Alice, knock it off, Diana’s not done anything to you!
Alice: Stay out of this, Jane, this has actually absolutely nothing to done with you!
Jane: Well, I question that.
Alice(puzzled): What do you indicate?
Jane: I’ve obtained witnesses.
(Jane responds her head as well as Layla heads in with Mrs. Sanchez)
Alice: What, you’ve been covertly dealing with Layla during?
Diana: She has. As well as likewise, my splits weren’t genuine, they were in fact the job of a tear stick.
Brittany: I informed Layla to obtain Mrs. Sanchez too.
(Alice searches in rage as well as signals for the remainder of her ladies)
Alice: Maya, Gabriella, Lucy, obtain her!
Maya: Yeah, no many thanks.
Gabriella: We’re not paying attention to you any longer!
Lucy: We gave up!
Jasmine: Tu es awful ami!
Logan: She stated you are a dreadful buddy!
Kaitlyn: Monstre!
Logan: She stated beast!
Mrs. Sanchez: You’re featuring me, girl!


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