by Xavier Chavez

Bully: Hey, kid! You're so stupid!
Anna: Ok, then. Well here, let me wipe that bull crap from your mouth!
Bully: Who you think you talking to? You're so stupid!
Anna: I'm talking to you! And words don't hurt me!
Bully: Damn it! Next Victim!
Leah: Hey, guys! I'm starting an afterschool program. Wanna join?
Grace: Sure, why not? What's it for?
Leah: For saving trees and planting trees.
Grace: Cool!
Bully: I think you mean lame! Just shut up!
Leah: We will not be silenced!
Grace: Yeah, cool story bully! In what chapter, DO YOU SHUT UP! Uggh!
Bully: You better watch your mouth!
Leah: She doesn't get to shut up for anything! Especially not for that hot breath of yours! It smells like butt and feet!
Both: Ha Ha Ha! Words don't hurt us!
Bully: Oh, come on! You guys are just party poopers! Lame!
Bully: Hey, John! You don't get any friends! And ha, I can speak more languages than you! Ha!
John: All you're fluent in is in lies and bullshit!
Bully: Get out my way! You're just an oddball.
John: I am not an oddball. And your words don't hurt me at all!
Bully: Lame! Why is everybody saying that today! Am I dreaming? Why aren't my words hurting anybody? It usually does. I don't get it, I'm super confused!
Anna, Grace, Leah, and John: Because you are a bully! And bullies are people who want to bring us down! But we love being ourselves because we are different and unique!
Anna: That's why your words don't hurt me!
Bully: I'm sorry!
All: Words don't hurt me! Words don't hurt me! Words don't hurt me!

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Apr 21, 2020

by: Deborah

Xavier, I had to change one of your words as we don't allow swearing on our website. But great skit! Thank you for the submission.

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