Why bully when you can have fun instead?

by M

Elizabeth- Bully victim
Andrea- School Bully
Belle- Andrea's friend and bully
Eleanor- Elizabeth's friend and pretend friend of Andrea and Belle
Mrs Green- Elizabeth's Mum

(Elizabeth is sitting on a bench eating her sandwiches when Andrea, Belle and Eleanor walk up.)
Andrea: Oy! Freak! I want your food!
Elizabeth: But Andrea...
Belle: Just give her it, you ugly little pig!
Eleanor: Yeah. Give her it.
(Elizabeth hands over her lunch box. Andrea looks inside.)
Andrea: Ugh, she has marmalade in her sandwiches. Like Paddington! (singing) Elizabeth is a fat hairy bear!
Belle: Yeah, like, only rats have marmalade in sandwiches.
Eleanor: Yeah, rats.
Andrea: No way am I having this now! (She pretends to be handing it back but drops it last minute and stamps it.) Ha! Sorry I'm NOT sorry, Freak!
Belle: You're such a baby! (Elizabeth begins to cry and Andrea pulls her skirt up so everyone can see her pants.)
Andrea: C'mon, girls, let's get away! I feel I shall soon be infected with her ugliness!
Andrea and Belle: Hahahahahaha!
Eleanor: Ha.

(Elizabeth and Eleanor are whispering inside a toilet cubicle.)
Elizabeth: Eleanor, you don't have to join in if you don't want to!
Eleanor: But I do! She'll kill me if I tell her that I hated her all along!
Andrea: (From outside) You know Eleanor?
Belle: Yeah?
Andrea: She's not being very cruel to the Freak this week, you know...
Belle: Hey, maybe she LIKES the Freak!
Andrea: If she does... I swear I'll murder her. (They exit.)
Eleanor: You see!
Elizabeth: Yes, I do. Sorry, Eleanor.
Eleanor: It's fine.

(Elizabeth is sat on her bed, crying.)
Elizabeth: I can't tell anyone or she'll just get worse. When she threatened to take pictures of me naked tomorrow... I only hope that even Andrea would think that was going too far.
Mrs Green: Go to sleep now, Elizabeth!
Elizabeth: Yes, Mum.
Oh well, tomorrow is another day. (She begins to cry in her sleep.)

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