Three vs. Two

by Kaden, Gail, Jayden, Steven, & Chris
(Vero Beach Florida US)


Brady Tuckerman – Male, Nerd:

Lizzy – Female, Bully:

Hannah – Female, Bully:

Josh – Male, Bully:

Principal Smith – Male, Principal:


Brady is in the courtyard walking towards class as the 3 bullies of SMS (Stanford Middle School) surround him.

Lizzy: (In a mean tone) Hey loser!!

Brady: (With a slightly frightened voice) What do you want Lizzy?

Hannah: Got any lunch money nerd!?

Brady: (Now slightly more frightened) N-No...

Josh: (In a pushy voice) Are you sure bout’ that?

Brady: (Now with a whimper then worried) Yes, I’m positive.

Lizzy: (Concerned) You don’t seem too sure!

Josh pushes Brady down & Brady’s lunch money falls out of his pocket.

Josh: (With a surprised tone) Oh! Brady, look what I found!!

Hannah: Nerd caught red-handed!

The bullies head to class as the bell rings as Brady heads to the principal’s office upset. Brady walks in & takes a seat.

Principal Smith: Hey Brady, what’s wrong?

Brady: (Upset) You know what happened.

Principal Smith: What do you mean?

Brady: They stole my lunch money.

Principal Smith: Who?

Brady: Those 3 big bullies, Hannah, Lizzy, & Josh.

Principal Smith: Don’t worry Brady, I got it from here, go back to class.

Principal Smith: (Over the P.A. System) Can I please have Hannah McGuire, Lizzy Osborne, & Josh Finkl to the principal’s office immediately.

Principal Smith: Have you 3 been bullying a student here at SMS?

All 3 Bullies say together: NO! What are you talking about?

Principal Smith: We have evidence of all 3 of you stealing belongings & bullying Brady Tuckerman. If you don’t mind, I will need to search your bags.

Lizzy: Yea, whatever, go ahead.

Hannah: (Muttering) Sure, whateva!

Principal Smith searches their bags & finds some of Brady’s belongings.

Principal Smith: Where’s the lunch money?

Josh: We uhh...

Hannah: Well, we umm, already used it.

Principal Smith: Seriously! You 3 will be suspended for 1 week & owe Brady an apology.

Lizzy: That’s tuff coach.

Josh: For sure bro.

Principal Smith calls Brady to his office for the 3 bullies to apologize.

Hannah: I’m so sorry Brady, we’ll pay you back.

Josh: Yeah, we made a HUGE mistake & won’t do it again.

Lizzy: True dat, never again!

All 3 Bullies: Sorry!

Brady: It’s OK, just treat people the way you want to be treated & great things will come to you in life.

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