the postbox skit

by harold rant

Highway maintenance person 1: Jed
Highway maintenance person 2: Carlin
Person: Raff
Postman: Leighton

The script

Jed and Carlin standing behind a bush

Jed: “we need a solution to all of these letters being lost in the post”

Carlin: “I already have the solution, meet the robo post-box!” (Felix walks on as the post-box) Jed starts looking around the post-box “this post-box scans letters sent and puts them into compartments so that the postman can get the letters out and will know where to deliver them to right away. He also can track out letters from spies and destroy them!”

Jed: excellent now quick before someone sees us!

Exit hm persons 1 and 2

Raff comes strolling on with a pile of letters, and puts one in the post-box, as he is getting another one it is pushed out. Raff looks down at the letter in surprise and picks it up and puts it in then turns back to his pile. The letter is pushed out again. This time raff kicks the post-box before putting the letter in, again the letter comes out. Raff forces both letters in at once and then starts walking away. Then after a while the letters come out again Raff angrily rushes towards the letters then as he is putting the letters in again Leighton comes along and uses gestures to ask what’s up. Raff uses mad gestures to tell him and then pushes the letters in and waits for them to come back out but nothing happens. Raff walks away while Leighton shakes his head in dismissal. Once Raff is offstage the letters come back out again and Leighton mimes yelling for him while beckoning. Raff comes back and looks at the letters wonderingly. Raff tries putting the letters in very calmly but again they come out again. As raff is picking them up Leighton gets an idea and produces some masking tape. Raff takes it from his hands and gives the letters to him miming 3-2-1 Leighton rams the letters in and raff tapes the hole up desperately. Felix’s arms and legs come out of the post-box.

Felix: well that was polite, tape me up like you do (walks off muttering annoyed comments)


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