The old house

by Isabella Major
(Lee's Summit Missouri)

Towns people are talking about the old house on the hill. A man named Adam Smith over hears the towns people and he goes to the house. He brings Guns, Knife, and cough drops because of his throat.

So Adam goes to the house and he checks it out. He notices everything is okay so he goes to bed to get some rest. while he was sleeping he hears this thump, thump, thump! He wakes up and checks out the house. The sound stopped so he went to bed again. This time the sound is quicker. Thump, thump thump! this time he goes to the attic and in the middle there laid a cophen . He looks in it and nothing is there so he goes to bed once again.

this time though the thumping was loader and faster. THUMP,THUMP, THUMP!

He goes up to the attic first to check it out and the cophen is right in front of him. Creeped out he goes down the ladder and before he could close it up, the cophen slides down. he is running away and the cophen is chasing him. Adam shots his guns... the cophen still chases him. He throws his knives still the cophen chases him. Now Adam is up to a wall, trapped! he checks his pockets and the cough drops were in there. He throws them at the cophen. The cophen stops.

Morel of this story:

Cough drops always stop the cophen.


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Mar 07, 2019

by: Deborah

That's great! So happy to hear it was helpful for you.

Mar 05, 2019
I love this
by: Anonymous

i love this script it really helpted me with my drama.

Mal 5thgrade

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