The Crayon Song

by Josephine burke

ANNOUNCER: Hey kids!!! Welcome back to the wonderful show’s imaginary fun learning emporium palooza extravaganza hour! FOR KIDS!!!!!!
*All Crayons But Pink and Brown walk in*
Red Crayon:🎵🎵hello kids!the color red and i brought my friends, to teach you about them! They’re the colors of all the things you see…. And red is me! The color of awesome things! Like hearts, and roses and mars, but most importantly…. Love, Love, Love, Love, Love! (Blood, Blood, Blood, Blood, Blood)
*All Say Hooray except Black*
Orange Crayon: Hi I’m orange like mac n’ cheese! Let’s name other orange things now if you please! You got pumpkins, and tigers, and the desert sands Monarch butterflies(Prescription bottles)Are you’re orange friends. La, la, la, la, la, la… Cheese!(Pills)
*All say Hooray except Black*
What are you doing! What i was born to do!

Yellow Crayon:As you can probably guess, yellow’s pretty fun!(Jaundice!) You can find it on a bus, or the rays of the sun(Jaundice!) If you ask me, yellow’s number one.(Liver failure.) If you like yellow, and sour,(Jaundice!) then try a lemon! Jaundice!(all colors)DANGIT!
Green Crayon: I once at a bug that was the color green, and the ER said p. it was a poisonous thing. So that explains why I threw up green, and inside that green was chunks of green. I bet you hadn’t wished you listed to Green! Hooray!?
blue crayon Why didn’t you change that one? I like that verse!
Blue Crayon: The ocean is a place where many creatures live. (nightmares )It’s a deep blue sea- and it will kill you to death! Especially if you’re on the titanic. So let that sink in, pun intended! *Only green says hooray*
Purple crayon: Don't blow this for us man! Come on! Purple is the color of many pretty things! From a lilac-
*Black tazes purple*
*Brown walks in and only green says hooray*
Brown Crayon:I guess it's my turn. There are brown things like dirt. I can’t remember the words, please don’t hurt.. me...
*Black tazes Brown*
White Crayon: White things include,(All broken bones)And doves and paper, (and rabies foam!) THERE’S IVORY! (Worth a lot of money.If you want to buy some, then e-mail mail.)
*Hooray, Hooray*
Black crayon: Black is the color of emptiness, I feel it in my soul cause i'm an emotional mess. I- GRRRRRRAAAAAAAAGH!!!
*Purple charges at black and knocks him out*
Take care of the Body!Shove it up a kids nose or something!
White crayon:Back to normal! * all say hooray!*
Pink Crayon:I'm the last crayon in the box you see, and the color that they assigned to me, IS THIS!!!!!! Just think about that for one, moment!
*All crayons leave and announcer walks on*
Announcer: Well that was something wasn’t it! Well, we will see you all next time on the Crayon show, Weekdays on pbs!

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