The bullie

by Edgar

Charlie:Comes into the room and starts to tells Edwin to give him his lunch money.

Edwin: Nah, bruh, I ain't gonna get up. Stop bothering me.

Charlie: Get up!

*Edwin gets up.*

*Edwin Pushes Charlie away.*

Charlie: You wanna go, or what?

Edwin: No I don't want any problems with you.

Miah: *Walks into the middle of both of them *

Miah: Why are you guys fighting? And, Charlie, why would you take Edwin’s money? Why don’t you bring your own money?

Alexis: Yea, she’s right. It’s better to bring their own money and avoid all these problems.

Alexis: Miah is right. Why not avoid problems by keeping your hands to yourself?

Charlie: Oh well sorry. I didn't know that. Now I know that I have always been hurting Edwin.

Miah: I think you should apologize to Edwin.

Alexis : Yeah , what she said.

Charlie: Sorry for hurting you Edwin. I won't take your money anymore and I'll pay you back all the money I stole from you.

Edwin: It's Ok. I forgive you. If you want we could just forget about this and nah you can keep the money I don't really need it.

Edgar: Fighting isn't the answer to resolve problems. Sometimes it’s better to talk it out then to fight. Over 4,400 teenagers commit suicide every year from getting bullied.

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Dec 08, 2016

by: Deborah

Thank you for your submission, Edgar! And thank you for sharing the stats that 4,400 teenagers commit suicide each year from being bullied. That is very sad and I am glad that people are working on making the public aware of this problem. Fortunately, things do get better as we get older and bullies do not have power over us anymore.

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