The Bean Skit

Person One is stirring a pot. Person Two comes in.
"What are you making?" They say.
"Beans!" Person One says.
"Beans? I love beans!" They try some, gag, and fall onto the floor. Person One starts to freak out and calls 911.
"Hello? Yes, I think my friend is dead! Okay. Thank you." They hang up, and a moment later a policeman walks in.
"So what happened?" He asked.
"I gave my friend some beans, and they fell on the floor!"
"Beans? I love beans!" the policeman eats a bit scoop, gags, and falls on the ground.
"CUT!" all of the 'dead' people get up. The director comes in.
"What's the matter with it?" Person 1 asks.
"It's just not interesting enough!" The director says. "How 'bout you try it ...(Now here is where you can get creative, have the director tell them to do it like their underwater or likey they're cowboys. You can do it more than once until...)

The director comes back on.
"Okay! Okay! That was great, now do it again, just like that!"
"Why?" All of the actors ask.
"Becuase I forgot to turn on the camera."
All of the actors chase the director off stage.

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Jul 04, 2018

by: Deborah

Very funny. Thank you for your submission!

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