No Balloons (Yet)

by Alexia Bouslog
((e.g., Princeton, Illinois, United States)

The store owner calls "Get your balloons here!" A costumer (girl/boy) comes up and says "I would like some princess balloons for my sister please." The owner replies "Sorry we don't have any balloons for sale." The costumer gets angry and says "You just made an announcement saying that you are selling balloons!"

Another costumer arrives and asks "Can I get a pre-blown up balloon please?" "Sure what color would you like?" The owner says. "Seriously?" The first costumer said. The second costumer asks "What?" "He told me they're not selling balloons today!" The first costumer says. "Well we are now," Said the owner. He points to the first costumer. "This balloon blew up right away when I said we don't have balloons for sale."

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