My controled robot

by Moni Tol

Random customer
Random Person

Setting: we are at a store and this customer is looking to buy this robot. This robot uses your mind and brain power to control it. The teacher will give a few funny reasons how this works.

C: (looks at the robot intently)
E: Are you liking that robot? It's a new 150.something version and it is basically your eyes and does what you were thinking you would do.
C: What…(clueless look?)
E: Oh well something connect to some kind of pro… ok how about I just show you
C: (relieved look) that would work
E: (puts the mask on and rubs hands to get ready)
E: So now I see what the robot is looking at i move my head it moves its head, I move my hand it moves it hand (continues list)
C: (Interrupts annoyed and continues list then talks off)
E: Right But to run or walk you just put your foot forward fast or slow to indicate speed. Like this (demonstrates)
C: Cool may I try. ( goes to pick off the mask form the employee and starts moving the robot) Can we test out this setting it says appearance
E: I believe that is the button that makes the body and face change. But it is red so you should not touch it.
C: lets just put a sheet over it in case of well it explodes or insults somebody.
E: Oh yae sounds reasonable (throws sheet over the robot)
C: now (presses the button) have another customer check out under the sheet to make sure we can take it off.
E: Hey you (points in a random direction) could you look under this sheet?
Rc: Oh well I guess so… (looks under sheet and runs screaming)
C: Well what if i change the look
(This repeats as ever many times)
E: points at a random person in the crowd could you try please?
RP: sure… (stays)
(Robot runs away)
C: oh so that's how you make it run.
E: Yep, how you make my customers leave (looks towards the door sadly)… but would you like that Robot
C: Sure. Already know what I will name It, scared fl for scared for life… hew

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