Ms. Syrie Marcum

by Syrie Marcum
(Stayton, OR)

 Set chairs up like a school bus, three seats, then an aisle, then another three seats.
o Set up enough for all kids & one at the front for the “driver”.

 Kid1 & Kid2 are sitting together on the bus. Kid3 gets on the bus & walks down to Kid1 & Kid2’s seat.
o Kid3 “Hey, can I sit here?”
o Kid1, after smirking at Kid2: “No way! We don’t want any nose-pickers sitting with us, do we?”
o Kid3: “I don’t pick my nose!”
o Kid2: “Yeah, you do, too! I saw you & then I saw you EAT IT!”
 Both Kid1 & Kid2 laugh loudly & scoot over all three seats, to keep Kid3 from sitting down.
 Kid3 starts to walk sadly down the aisle of the bus. All the kids scoot to the middle seat, to keep him from sitting with one of them. He gets to the last seat, where Kid4 is sitting.
 Kid4 looks at Kid3, moves his backpack out of the seat & says: “Hey, you want to sit here? “
 Kid3 gratefully takes the seat next to Kid4.
 Kid4 says to Kid3: “I know you didn’t do what those boys said you did. They said things like that about me last year, that weren’t true. It hurt my feelings & made the other kids laugh at me, too. But I just had to remember that it wasn’t true. I guess I could say mean things back to them, but that would just make me a mean person, too, and I don’t want to be mean.”
 Kid3: “I don’t want to be mean & make people feel bad, either. Thanks for being my friend.”
 Kid5, sitting in the seat in front of them: “I don’t want to mean! You can sit with me next time!”
 All the other kids, except for Kid1, Kid2, Kid3, Kid4, Kid5, yell: “Or me!!!”
 Bus driver smiles & says: “GOOD JOB, BOYS! I’m glad that you’ve decided to be HERO’S, instead of bullies!”
 Kid1 & Kid2 look at each other & shrug their shoulders & look embarrassed.

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