Karen takes the kids

by Damian A ( uwu )
(Hanford, CA)

Karen: * has a argument with Brian * That's it Brian! I'm taking the kids!

Brian: No sweetheart don't take them I swear I'm sorry Karen please not the kids!

Karen: No way Brian im not listening to you im taking the kids and no one will stop me

The kids that are 6 year olds with iPhones also with airpods on: No mommy please I want to see daddy everyday nooooo-

Karen: * yells I DONT CARE!! *

The kids that are 6 year olds with iPhones with airpods: * run to their room and falls on their bed and cries and lucid dreams starts playing on their pandora playlist * :(

Karen: That's it Brian im LEAVING!


Karen: * calls the kids * C'mon kids we going to starbucks and taco bell because its REAL Mexican food.

The kids and Karen: * walk outside the house and go into the car and leave to starbucks *

Karen: * goes through the drive thru * Hello, My name is Karen do you have pumpkin spice lattes?

Starbucks worker: No we do not its not fall its spring

Karen: " Im calling the manager"

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