If the Shoe fits Wear It

by Kaitlyn Sjoblom
(Lakeland, Tennessee, United States of America)


Setting: A fancy restaurant
Paul: Happy anniversary sweety!
Julie: Happy anniversary!
Paul: Ya know, i’ve been thinking a lot lately. I mean we’ve been together for five years now, and I just thought. (Paul gets down on one knee)
Julie: (excited and stunned) *gasp*
Paul: (Ties shoe) (sits back down) We should take a vacation together to Hawaii!
Julie: (shocked) Ya, totally
Paul: great,i’ll set it up
Setting: A romantic beach
Paul: I’m so glad we got to be here
Julie: I know. Me too. This place is so romantic
Paul: I know. That’s why I picked it. (Paul gets down on one knee)
Julie: (excited and stunned) *gasp*
Paul: (Ties shoe)It really is beautiful
Julie: (A face of anger)

Setting: A restaurant in Hawaii
Paul: The food here is great!
Julie: Yup, it’s delicious
Paul: (Paul gets down on one knee)
Julie: What are you going to do, tie your shoe! I’m going to the bathroom!
Paul: (Holding a ring box as she walks away) What was that about?
End Scene

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