Bullying skit - Bullying has consenquences

by Jade B.
(Canada )

- Alexis (bully)
- Molly (victim)
- Elena (Alexis' friend)
- Hannah (Alexis' friend)
- Luke
- Principle Lockwood

Molly is at her locker trying to get her books when Alexis and her gang come up.

Alexis - Hey there Molls, how's it going ?
Molly - Please don't call me that.
Alexis - Come on Molls, we're best friends!
Alexis and her friends laugh.
Molly - No we aren't, please leave me alone.
Alexis - Of course not you stupid idiot! I would never be friends with a loser like you.
Elena - Do you even have any friends?
Molly - ......
The girls laugh
Alexis - Didn't think so.
Molly - Luke's my friend.
Hannah - You wish, he's only friends with popular girls like us.
Molly tries to leave but Alexis stops her.
Alexis - I get to tell you when to leave.
Alexis pulls Molly's glasses off her head, slams her locker shut and pushes her down.
Alexis - There you can go now, ha ha!
The bullies leave and Molly starts to cry. Luke comes to Molly.
Luke - What happened Molly?
Molly - It was Alexis and her gang.
Luke - Come on, let's go tell Principle Lockwood.
Molly - No I don't want her to get involved.
Luke - We have to tell her Molly. Let's go together.
Molly - Okay thank you Luke.

The three bullies are in the principal's office.
Principal Lockwood - You girls are in so much trouble.
Elena - But I swear I didn't do anything; it was all Alexis!
Alexis - Elena!
Hannah - It's true, Alexis made us do it!
Alexis - Hannah! They're liars. I didn't make them do anything.
Principal Lockwood - You are all bullies and you girls should have thought about the consequences to your actions.
Elena - And we will from now on. Thanks for the lecture gotta go!
Principal Lockwood - Not so fast. You're all in the Detention for the next week.
Hannah - What!
Principal Lockwood - Why are you so quiet, Alexis?
Alexis - I want my lawyer.

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